New subproject started: Unit Tests Generator

I just started new subproject:
Unit Tests Generator.
What for?
It seems that unit testing is very important part of software development.
But what if we started creating code several weeks ago and didn't any unit test framework?
Now we want do unit testing but we have a lot of code, a lot of files, classes and so on.
Apart from creating usefull code for testing there is a lot of stupid code we must write to make some framework.

So the goal is to create engine which would find all source files, preparse them and generate additional source files for unit testing.

For example for all Java classes (...).java we want to create suitable class Test(...).java which could test some original class features.
We must write test but we shouldn't write frame for tests class so many times.

All help welcome.

Artur Hefczyc

Posted by Artur Hefczyc 2001-12-03

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