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#16 Per Remote Control "Disable Key Repeats"


I Know that WinLirc 0.8.6 already have an "Disable Key Repeats" option but is used Globally
and disables the "Volume", "FastFoward", "Rewind" Functionality

A Per Remote "Disable Key Repeats" is need to control the repeats of only some buttons like "Pause", "Next", & "Previus"

If it could be added as a Flag into the config file of the Remotes, and if it could have a "Max repeats" would be more Great

Thanks for listening


  • Ian

    Ian - 2010-06-15

    You mean a per key option ? That could be done. The lirc config files do not have an option to do this on a per key basis, so the information would probably have to be stored in a seperate file. But it's do-able. This could also be done on the client side also, depending on what program you are using. If enough people want this I might have a bash at implimenting it. The disable key repeats thing was just a quick has for me, as my remote very easily sends repeat keys and it makes menu navigation in my media centre software somewhat difficult :)

  • aireca

    aireca - 2010-06-15

    Well, i have the same problems, because my remote is Sony and sends like 21 repeats per keypress,

    Im are using some programs that doesn't have a good support for lirc and stopped the develop so
    changing the code on the client is not an option

    Also Im so sure that you have noticed the drasticaly change into WinLirc 0.8.6 that it nows reads
    a lot better the keypresses, the programs clients are made to the oldest winlirc releases so keypresses ignored are not the same values

    If you see there are people since 2002-02-28 requesting this same of mine

    ; )

  • Ian

    Ian - 2010-06-15

    Does it really read keypresses a lot bettter ? I only tested with 1 remote really :) And I am not using a serial receiver, not that it makes a lot of difference really :)

    If enough people request this, sure I'll probably give it a go.


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