#3 File compression support

zip/gzip (1)
5 days ago
Tobin Davis

Add file compression/decompression support. Start with zip/gzip. Add others as requested.


  • Tobin Davis

    Tobin Davis - 2014-03-29
    • status: open --> accepted
  • tcz8

    tcz8 - 2014-04-11


    Those images are eating SOOO much space.

    If you use any compression library at the lowest setting it will most likely remove the empty areas of the img file without trying to compress the actual data which would make it really fast and solve the problem for most of us.

    Last edit: tcz8 2014-04-11
  • Tobin Davis

    Tobin Davis - 2017-01-25

    I'm going to sadly postpone this until the next release. The good news is that the program now has an option to stop at the end of the partitioned space, meaning if your 8G device only has a 2G partition, your image should only be 2G. Not the best, but it helps.

    I am looking into file compression as well, while keeping the code base small. Adding outside libraries adds a lot of overhead to the build, as I have to snapshot external libraries. I want to experiment with QT's built in zlib compression to see if it is semi-compatible with gzip on a file compression level, as that would require the least amount of work and benefit the majority of the user base.


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