Comments by Kirk

When I grabbed this program, it appeared not to display correctly. It turns out it displayed the FIRST part of the graph, and my Scope shows the middle by default (DS10520E). THANKFULLY it was open source.

Next, I wanted to be able to Open Multiple Files at once
Then, I wanted to save the CSV Files, and IMAGES all at once
Finally, I wanted to have the Image that was on the Rigol when I saved, plus I wanted the ability to save the ENTIRE Wave Form, And I wanted to know the Numbers. (Ch1/Ch2: Vmax,V0ffset,Vmin,Vamp), and have them on the bitmaps, and on the screen.

I contacted the author, and he said "aren't you glad I made it opensource?" (I still don't know if I want to answer that. I would have rather paid for the changes I wanted, LOL)... Anyways, I dug in, found issues, and stuck with it, until I Found the Missing ChPosOrig[] and ChScaleOrig[]. That got me to finish the core manipulation of the files, calculations and proper Display results for the various files I was playing with...

Finally, I LOVE Delphi. But I hate having to install everyones PET components to make something compile. I believe this prevents a lot of OpenSource from taking off. In this case, it took me 1/2 a day to get install, and be able to start loading this program so I could get to the code. And the controls were causing nasty flickering when I used them. Out they went. Cool, yes.

But I want basic, working functionality. I will try to get the multi-lingual stuff back in, because that was functional, but skins? Really? The tough Part is that I do us Jedi VCL. I am avoiding putting it in for one or two things, but it may go in... It is a very popular set of controls... I could use: MRU, FormProperties (Size, Position, etc), or write code... FFPbox Remained, because frankly, PaintBox sucks and flickers. LOL.

FFPbox is used WITHOUT Installing it. It is just created at run time.

In closing, my goal really was to have a project you could download and simply compile and use. Or a functional precompiled Demo that you could just use. (And I would love to implement a PreviewPan Preview option, so you can see your WFM Files in windows Explorer without opening! That would make the project complete for me)

None of this would be possible without the work Vladimir started. Thanks!

Master TODO:
- Display Channel Markers/Scaling
- Voltage Panel Display (Scan through File as we paint, calculated Min/Max Voltages)
- When Painting the Voltage, Display: Ch1: Mx,0,Mn / Ch2: Mx,0,Mn
- MRU Files
- Export JPG
- Export ALL

Version Date Who Description of Changes Made
======== ======== === ====================================================
V2.00.00 04/02/13 KOW Reduced GUI Components to Standard Delphi
Lost the Language Translation (Need to recover)
Added tabs back in, since they were not in sourceforge
Corrected handling of waveform files with changed scaling/position
Found/Defined ChPosOrig[] and ChScaleOrig[]
Added ZOOMING and Scrolling for the entire Wave File
- The Message Log is really Debug, it should be off by Default once voltages are available.
- Offer Rigol Default Colors (Default, Inverted, Custom)
- See how to put the ZOOM Level on EACH Tab (Popup Slider Bottom Left)
- Multi-Tab Version
- Make Colors Load/Save from Generic Sections in the iniFile (Pen Width)
- We HAVE an object to hold ALL of the settings for each tab (ActiveFile, ChkGrid, Zoom)
- Multiple File Open
- Export to CSV
- Removed all Warnings
- Remove FFPaintBox (Installation) Requirement, Just load on the fly (Compiled in)
- Remove Language Translation, just not worth it!

V0.00.00 02/02/10 VS Original Version.
Vladimir did the hard work of creating a File Reader,
and implemented the core painting, colors, defaults.
V2.00.00 05/28/13 KOW Version 2 Rewrite.
V2.01.00 05/28/13 KOW Fixup CSV creation message. Add PNG as default output file type.