I want to make real username xxx@xxxx.xxx !

  • beetle

    beetle - 2009-07-30

    In Virtualmin, there is no method to make username's prefix delimita including '@' like 'user@example.com'. In Webmin, it is passible.
    Is this reason for technic? I do want make it !!!
    Please so.!!
    thank you.

    • Joe Cooper

      Joe Cooper - 2009-07-30

      "In Virtualmin, there is no method to make username's prefix delimita including '@' like 'user@example.com'."

      Actually, that's not true.  Username format is wholly configurable, and @ in the username is possible.  There are some caveats, though.

      There's a FAQ about this particular question here:


    • beetle

      beetle - 2009-09-07

      Thank you for reply !
      and sorry of my too late reply.

      I could make user like ' user@example.com' with your suggestion.
      Then I tested my Mail Server.
      I realized one problem.
      When using POP, the 'user@example.com' was possible,
      bat when using SMTP, I must use the 'user-example.com' with smtp-Auth.

      Can I use same user-name with both Auth, POP and SMTP ?.

      Thank you !

      • Joe Cooper

        Joe Cooper - 2009-09-07

        Please re-read the FAQ I linked you to.  It covers this issue and the configuration change you need to make to the saslauthd configuration.

    • beetle

      beetle - 2009-09-07

      The same user-name meen 'user@example.com'.

    • beetle

      beetle - 2009-09-08

      Oh !!!
      I was able to resolve above problem.
      This Server is the BackUp Server, and It had to be a same username with the Main Server in rental Space.

      Thank you so much !!
      I could grant my boss's request.


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