Virtualmin and Solaris Zones

  • Corry Paxson

    Corry Paxson - 2009-07-23

    I'm having a little trouble getting Virtualmin to recognize some Solaris Zones. I've installed the solaris pkg version of Webmin, and put the Virtualmin framed theme above it. Virtualmin correctly recognizes the zones on the physical server it's installed on, but is there any way to get it to recognize other zones on the network?... I'm trying to create a domain controller of sorts, that can recognize and modify all the zones on the network from a central location, instead of having to modify each zone from the physical box it's installed on. Any idea if virtualmin has this functionality, and where I can find it?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Joe Cooper

      Joe Cooper - 2009-07-24

      "I've installed the solaris pkg version of Webmin, and put the Virtualmin framed theme above it."

      Note that this is not the same as actually installing Virtualmin.  The framed theme is merely a theme to make managing Virtualmin easier.  You also need the virtual-server module installed and configured to have Virtualmin.

      But, Virtualmin is not at all a tool for managing Solaris Zones; it has no conception of Zones at all (it would be something you would run inside of a Zone to manage websites you wanted to host within the zone, rather than for managing a zone).  There is a Zones module in Webmin, which is what I kinda suspect you're dealing with?  I believe it can only manage Zones on the server on which Webmin is installed (though maybe it is Cluster Servers aware, I'm not sure; that would still require Webmin on all of your host systems).

      You might actually be looking for Cloudmin, which is a new product Jamie has been working on lately for management of cloud computing resources, including Solaris Zones.  It definitely manages Zones on other systems, even if Webmin isn't installed on the host system.  Cloudmin is not currently Open Source (though it will be available in an Open Source version eventually), but it is rather cheap to buy (starting at $149 per year).  You can find a bit more about it at


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