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v3.0 Released

You can review the full release notes here:


Posted by D. Keith Casey, Jr. 2013-09-09

v1.2.1 Released

As a result of a handful of issues in v1.2, we've packaged v1.2.1 as a patch-level release. In addition, we've added support for IIS7+.

Posted by D. Keith Casey, Jr. 2010-01-07

v1.2 Released

As planned, we've made our latest (v1.2) quarterly release. Once again we've closed about 50 items consisting of numerous new features and UI improvements in addition to some needed bug fixes.

The biggest accomplishments in this version are behind the scenes. Major refactoring has allowed us to drop approximately 5% of the Lines of Code while adding over 170 Unit Tests since our 1.0 release 6 months ago. Further, we've refactored the classes to centralize more of the core functionality and improve permissions and security. Most importantly, through some rethinking of our queries, we have been able to improve performance on a number of key overview screens without sacrificing performance elsewhere.... read more

Posted by D. Keith Casey, Jr. 2009-12-09

web2project v1.0 Released!

As of tonight, we've officially released v1.0 of web2project. There are too many improvements, fixes, and changes to cover here, but the full notes are available here: http://wiki.web2project.net/index.php?title=V1.0_Release_Notes

Posted by D. Keith Casey, Jr. 2009-06-08

web2project v1.0 Release Candidate Available

After long wait, the first Release Candidate of web2project is now available. In the year since its fork from web2project, a heavy focus on system performance has resulted in numerous improvements:

* Selective refactoring of the database and targeted indexes have improved database performance by upwards of 50%;
* A caching layer for the Access Control Lists has reduced the number of database queries/page by 50-90%;
* Moving data access and permissions validation to the Models has reduced duplication and places for bugs to hide, shrinking the overall codebase by approximately 2%.

Posted by D. Keith Casey, Jr. 2009-04-29

web2Project User Guide Available

Stephen Pierce has made a great User Guide with the help of Bruce Bodger image skills.

You can go and check it out yourselfs in the Download section.

Big Thanks go out to Stephen and Bruce.

Posted by Pedro A. 2008-03-25

Demo Online version of web2Project available now.

You can check out the web2Project demo on our web site on web2project.net

Thank you very much,

Pedro A.

Posted by Pedro A. 2008-02-13