#124 Enter calendar dates (or "now") in star selector

David Benn

Aaron suggested that it would good for the star selector dialog to:

o have a checkbox to allow all obs to be loaded for the star
o be able to enter calendar dates instead of Julian Days

I certainly intended to do the latter at some point, but I agree that both are good ideas.


  • David Benn

    David Benn - 2010-02-01

    Added an "all data" checkbox to the star selection dialog so min/max JD doesn't have to be supplied if all data is required. Also fixed bug in which the star field was not being cleared when a 10-star item was selected.

    See http://vstar.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/vstar?view=rev&revision=405

  • Sara Beck

    Sara Beck - 2011-01-06

    Merged the related parts of tracker #2917616 into this one:

    David wrote:
    - We should permit entry of non-JD date expressions, e.g. mm/dd/yyyy
    - Preferences should also permit non-US format, e.g. dd/mm/yyyy
    - Alternatively, a different widget in the dialog permits choice from a
    calendar. (SB comment - this part doesn't seem necessary to me)
    - Or even via a "Now" button adjacent to the text field?

  • Sara Beck

    Sara Beck - 2011-01-06
    • summary: Load all obs and enter calendar dates in star selector --> Enter calendar dates (or "now") in star selector
  • David Benn

    David Benn - 2011-01-07
    • priority: 5 --> 8
  • David Benn

    David Benn - 2013-03-16
    • labels: Data Sources -->
    • milestone: Feature_-Phase_1 --> Feature-_Phase_2
  • David Benn

    David Benn - 2014-05-19
    • Priority: 8 --> 9

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