#1196 Increasing DPI gets half the piucture


We support a user with poor eyesight. He uses "Change the size of all items" set to "Large - 150%" to get larger icons and text.
He has the following script to allow him to request remote support:
set VNC="%ProgramFiles%\TightVNC\tvnserver.exe"
%VNC% -reinstall
%VNC% -start
%VNC% -controlservice -connect support.host.
echo Press return to end support session
%VNC% -stop
%VNC% -remove

And on support.host we use "vncviewer -listen".

The problem is that using more than 125% the remote window only shows a fraction of the real screen size.


  • Pär-Ola Nilsson

    remote only fraction of original

  • Paul Milliken

    Paul Milliken - 2012-11-11

    I get the same issue. In my case, it's a home PC running Windows 8 that I use as a media centre. The system runs in 1920x1080. There are two users accounts on it. One, the "TV" account, automatically logs in on startup, and is configured with high-DPI to make it easier to use from across the room with a remote. The other account is for admin purposes, and has standard DPI settings.

    If I VNC into the machine while the TV account is in use, the VNC display is only 1280x720 and only shows the top-left of the screen. The mouse position is scaled however, so that clicking in the bottom-right of the VNC viewer window triggers a click in the bottom right of the real screen, where I cannot see what I'm doing.

    If I connect while the standard account is logged in, everything works as expected.

  • Steven

    Steven - 2012-11-20

    I have a setup like paul_milliken's and am running into the same problem. This bug makes the TightVNC Server application unusable while the DPI is set to 150%.

  • Polychronopolis

    Polychronopolis - 2012-12-24

    I'm also using TightVNC with DPI settings increased. This has been a problem in version 2.5 and above. This is a problem with the screen images displayed by the viewer. Moving the mouse around the screen, the cursor moves in scale with the full screen rather than the cropped desktop image.

  • David W

    David W - 2013-01-10

    I have exactly the same situation as Paul Milliken -- HTPC with the DPI set to 150%. With version 2.6.4, TightVNC is unusable because the scaling is wrong. This did not happen when I was using version 2.0.4.

    Workaround: Use TightVNC in Application mode, not Service mode. Not so convenient, but the scaling is correct.

  • garrmack

    garrmack - 2013-02-20

    Thank you for reporting this bug. I had no idea why vnc was cutting off part of the screen. The solution to use server in application mode is a fitting workaround for me. I disabled the service and put the application in the 'startup' folder.

  • garrmack

    garrmack - 2013-02-21

    UPDATE: I just installed Windows 8 and the workaround is not effective. Running the server in either mode results in the screen being cut off/not scaling correctly. Boo!

  • Konstantin Akimov

    We know about the issue and it will be corrected in future versions of the product (2.7 or later).

  • Konstantin Akimov

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    • status: open --> open-accepted

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