gpz - 2013-06-16

all i can say to that is:

a) NO. sd2iec is an aftermarket non commodore device and as such the chance of including emulation for it in VICE is pretty slim. there is also very little reason for doing it because
b) the things you are listing could be added to the virtual filesystem, making it compatible to the CMD standard (and sd2iec).

so, as said countless times before, the solution is to add these features to the virtual filesystem. (although i am not sure how partitions would come into play there)

that said, supplying explicit test cases for the mentioned scenarious (meaning test programs including their sourcecode, for inclusion in the test repository) would be a good start to make it happen :)

btw: can't you test the mentioned features using either FD2000 or FD4000 emulation?

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