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Welcome to the feature requests tracker for VICE.

For patches and bugs use the dedicated trackers instead.

You can find a list of planned features here.

nightly builds of WinVICE kindly provided by pokefinder.org can be found here

To get in touch with the Developers use the mailing lists. Some of us can also be found on IRC #vice-dev on Freenode.

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285 Save newly created .D64 back to archive open v3.x x64  
284 'Smart-attach cartridge image' cmd line for all Systems open general new feature (VIC20)  
283 Pause function in the monitor open general new feature (Monitor)  
282 SuperCPU128 emulation with CP/M cartridge - can be tester open general new Emulator  
280 Auto foreground or backround of VDC and VICII display windows open general new feature  
279 Permit C64 SID mirrored addresses in C128 open general new feature  
278 VICE 3.0 for MacOS 10.9? open OSX new Emulator  
277 FFmpeg RGB lossless open general new feature  
276 Option to set VICE process priority open general new feature  
275 Add Scroll Bar to Monitor window open Windows User Interface  
274 Support for TapeCart open general new feature (Tape)  
273 Remote Monitor - additional binary commands open general  
272 Remote Monitor - Command format and/or binary commands open general new feature (Monitor)  
271 Load Programs From Cassette using AUDIO From SOUNDCARD open general new feature (Tape)  
270 Add Keypads in Control Ports to x128 back open Marco van den Heuvel general new Device (C128)  
269 New missing "Dump keyset" menu item open Windows User Interface  
264 Paddle Controller Support in WinVICE64...? open Windows new feature (Input)  
263 VICE Monitor windows default positions setting open general User Interface  
262 Advanced fullscreen options for Commodore 128 emulator open general User Interface  
261 Allow autoload (inject to RAM) file in SCPU full 16MB space open general new feature  
260 Add Comet64 emulation to User Port devices open general new Device  
259 Support for Retro Replay/Nordic Replay RAM sizes other than 32KB. open gpz general new feature  
258 Ability to break or run till next interupt open general new feature  
257 Allow Paste Special in keybuf syntax open general new feature  
256 Autostart ML programs again - read carefully! open general new feature  
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