#442 IDE64 does not work correctly



I tried to emulate IDE64 with xscpu64sc emulator.
Not success. It can be bug or is it normal?
I set IDE64 emulation, harddisk file and cartridge image, but I can't access IDE SETUP.
All seems not working.
I did the same thing in x64sc and all was working correctly.
I used attached ROM of SCPU.

It's possible to fix or is it only Q?

Many thanks.

Miro Karkus

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    MIRKOSOFT - 2013-06-07

    I want to add info:
    I tested it with special ROM for SCPU64/128 and IDE64 works, but has two problems:
    - IDE setting (C= + RESTORE) after saving, then saving settings of xscpu64sc are always set to default with every start of xscpu64sc
    - I tried to install WiNGs and it always reports problem with identifying IDE device (more BIN images were tested)...

    I mean these bugs can be fixed.


  • Soci/Singular

    Soci/Singular - 2014-01-24

    Yes the IDE setting saving is broken since the standard RTC modules were added.

    I could once install Wings it worked before. Did you use it with the old filesystem? It's too old to be used with IDEDOS 0.9.

  • Soci/Singular

    Soci/Singular - 2014-01-24

    The configuration save is fixed now in trunk.

    For Wings you have to track down an old ROM like:

    And make sure you have v3 hardware selected, v4 is not supported in Wings (didn't exist at that time). You must use the old formatter too:

    No tricks with geometry, this is CHS only, use a small disk.

    I think you had to copy stuff into a directory from disk to install or something. Don't remember it any more.

  • Soci/Singular

    Soci/Singular - 2014-11-29
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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