Jonathan - 2006-06-05

Trying to run uml on suse 10 x86_64

Build my x86_64 kernel (2.6.13-15 - ./linux)
had to modify script uml-install-suse to get it to create rootfs, there were problems with
the roostfs not being mounted, but I got it to work

Ran  - /root/suse10 contains copy of install disk

./uml-install-suse --media /root/suse10/ --dest /root/uml/mnt

runs perfectly and create root.img and swap.img


./linux ubd0=root.cow.img,root.img ubd1=swap.img

Welcome to SUSE LINUX 10.0 (X86-64) - Kernel 2.6.13-15 (console).

(none) login: root
Login incorrect

(none) login: jtester
Login incorrect

/etc/securetty - containes console and tty1, tty0 ?

When I run

./linux ubd0=root.cow.img,root.img ubd1=swap.img single

This puts me into single user mode, and I do

mount -o remount -rw /
Press enter for login:

and I can login ?

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated