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New releases

The 2.3.99-pre5 kernel is available.

There is also a SuSE installation kit available.

These are available from the project's download page :

Posted by Jeff Dike 2000-04-13

Source browser now up

I've put the project's code in the lxr source browser. This allows you to browse files and directories as well as search for identifiers. It's at

Posted by Jeff Dike 2000-02-25

2.3.46 user-mode kernel available

The packages, standalone kernel, and patch have all been updated.

Posted by Jeff Dike 2000-02-20

SMP patch now available

It is available at

To build it, say yes to SMP during make config, and pass in the number of cpus you want on the command line:
./linux ncpus=2

Posted by Jeff Dike 2000-01-18