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0.5.4 out!

Sorry for that 0.5.3 version :P

Our eagerness to release it had a side effect, in the way that several nasty bugs were still present. Downloading failed, and the scheduling of tasks had some 'timing issues'.

However! In 0.5.4, these bugs are fixed and you should be able to profit from all those lovely features from the previous version, as well as some things we added in the meantime. Specifically:... read more

Posted by Styck 2008-08-05

Moved to google projects

We've moved URD to google projects. Downloads will be handled through the website @ www.urdland.com. The new project homepage is thus http://code.google.com/p/urd/

In the meantime we have also started working on URD 0.5.3. Probably to be released, within a week or so.

Most interesting new feature is IPv6 support :D Combined with the fact that several usenet providers have free access for IPv6 users, you can cut down in costs or go up in retention if you're using your ISP's usenet servers. Only requirement is that you have IPv6 of course :P... read more

Posted by Spearhead 2008-07-19

URD 0.5.2 released

Due to some feedback from Smullers and Rivertrent, we've made some more improvements:

* The "page skipper" now doesn't ignore search parameters anymore
* Amount of buttons is now configurable
* Default, the program locations for extraction are now empty, unless found
* The default Google-button had a typo, is fixed

Check out http://www.urdland.com

Posted by Spearhead 2008-07-08

URD has a new website

URD has a new website at http://www.URDland.com.

We also host the forum there. So any troubles or questions are preferably posted there.

We are also contemplating moving the bug tracker and feature requests to URDland.com

Posted by Spearhead 2008-07-04

URD 0.5.1 released

URD is back. With a vengearce. Mostly a bug fix release. But also a couple of new features and a further improved layout.

Also the website has been updated with an entirely fresh look : http://www.urdland.com

The Changes are:
- Bug fix in setting directory permissions
- Update buttons look in default template
- New logo
- Logfile line count bug fix
- Fix a nasty bug in installer
- Fix a couple of bugs in parsing NZB files
- Implemented RSS (2.0) support
- new buttons
- added debug.php to show config information
- improved XSRF protection vs usability
- A couple of minor bugs here and there... read more

Posted by Spearhead 2008-07-02

URD 0.5.0 released: "We're halfway there"!

But it's packed to the brim with cool features :D

Most notable is the template system (Smarty) which allows us (and you!) to create different skins. As the dutch proverb goes 'You can't debate about taste', so here's the chance to have a skin to your liking.

While we were re-writing the PHP front-end, we decided that this was a great opportunity to add multi-language support, so that's what we did. Currently, you can choose between English and Dutch; we'd love for people to send in other language files ;)... read more

Posted by Styck 2008-06-24

New URD release expected soon

The new URD release is nearly ready and it should be released by the end of the week or so. If any one wants to test it already, it can be installed from SVN: svn co https://urd.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/urd/branches/smarty/trunk/ urd

We are looking for people to test it and also for people who want write translations to other languages. Be sure to contact us if you're interested

Posted by Spearhead 2008-06-18

URD status update

Currently we are working to moving URD towards a more flexible user interface. It will be possible to change the language and layout of the pages dynamically. A large part of the interface re-write is done and in the next few weeks this will probably be finished. A new release can be expected shortly thereafter.

If you can't wait, you can always try out the latest developer version from SVN.

Posted by Spearhead 2008-05-28

New release URD 0.4.1

A new version of URD has been just released. Even though it was intended to be just a bug fix, we were able to sneak some nifty new features into it as well. These include:

The handling of other archive formats such as 7z, arj, ace, zip. And on top of that archives with passwords are now also supported. More archives can and probably will be added in a future release much easier now to as we clean up that part of the code.... read more

Posted by Spearhead 2008-03-25

Urd status update

What can you expect from URD? Well, a new release 0.4.1 is expected to be finished soon. This is mostly a bugfix but also brings some new features like sorting the newsgroup list, support for other archives, improved handling of crashing threads and reseting the config/preferences to the defaults. And maybe even more.

In the mean time we have started working on 0.5.0. This will take a while longer but focuses mostly on the interface of URD. Multilanguage support and skins are high on the list there.

Posted by Spearhead 2008-03-20

Urd 0.4 released!

Urd is a web-based application that allows you to download from usenet with a point & click interface.
No need for NZB files, Urd does everything by itself: Download headers, merge articles into sets, download sets, verify, Par2 and unrar. Using usenet was never this easy! :)

Today, a new version of Urd is released!
Version 0.4 brings you a fully functional, easy to install, swell looking web application that you can use to download your usenet binaries with.... read more

Posted by Styck 2008-03-08

New release is imminent

Currently we are putting final touches on the code for the next release - 0.4. It will be released in a day or two.

Posted by Spearhead 2008-03-02

Urd 0.3.1 released!

Urd is a web-based application that allows you to download from usenet with a point & click interface.
No need for NZB files, Urd does everything by itself: Download headers, merge articles into sets, download
sets, verify, Par2 and unrar. Using usenet was never this easy! :)

A new release of Urd, version 0.3.1, is made available. While still in beta, this release should offer full functionality.... read more

Posted by Styck 2008-02-03

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