#14 Version 0.7.1 hangs on loading files (OpenAL related?)

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UltimateStunts 0.7.1 compiles fine, but I can't play the game. It hangs with the following output:

Changing to user-defined color
Loading file cars/ferrarispider/wheel.glb
subset = "20"
color = "1.000000,0.000000,0.000000"
lodoffset = "-3"
Loading file cars/ferrarispider.conf
ID = "0"
reflnum = "1"
reflsize = "256"
shadsize = "256"
Loading file cars/ferrarispider/dashboard.png
Loading file cars/ferrarispider/steer.png
Loading file cars/generic/vel.png
Loading file cars/ferrarispider/rpm.png
---Sound data
Loading file cars/generic/engine.wav
Loading file cars/generic/skid.wav
Loading file cars/generic/crash_nonfatal.wav


  • CJP

    CJP - 2007-05-31
    • milestone: --> v0.7.x
    • priority: 5 --> 7
    • assigned_to: nobody --> cornware-cjp
  • CJP

    CJP - 2007-05-31

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    That's usually the last output before the main game loop is entered, so the problem could be anything in the game loop. I'll make a version with more diagnostic information about this stage of the game to figure out what the problem is.

    Please tell me more. What does the UStunts window look like while it hangs? Did you hear any sounds? Did music playback start when the menu interface appeared? What is your Linux distribution and OpenAL version?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    No, there was no sound or music when the program hangs.

    system: Debian/Etch
    openal version: 0.0.8-4

  • CJP

    CJP - 2007-08-09

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    Originator: NO

    Does the bug still occur with Ultimate Stunts 0.7.2? I made the sound code a bit more robust.

  • CJP

    CJP - 2007-08-09
    • summary: Ultimate Stunts 0.7.1 game play fails --> Version 0.7.1 hangs on loading files (OpenAL related?)
  • Pincushion Man

    Pincushion Man - 2008-07-15

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    I believe that if you compile and install OpenAL Soft, rather than using the stock OpenAL in Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora you'll be able to play. As a nice side effect, you'll have better sound, also.

    Here's the Launchpad/Ubuntu bug:

    And here's where to get OpenAL Soft:

    Oh, and Ultimate Stunts does not honor the run without sound tunable, which is why it crashes on load.


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