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Ultimate Stunts 0.7.7 released

This new version mostly contains artwork changes: there are a large number of new cars, which were contributed by Guido Consogno and the menu background has been updated. When it comes to functionality, there are some small bugfixes, but most importantly, there are several changes in how the windows version installs itself, which will hopefully fix some issues of Ultimate Stunts on windows vista and windows 7.

Posted by CJP 2012-09-07

Ultimate Stunts accepts Bitcoin donations

Ultimate Stunts now accepts donations through the Bitcoin system. Read more on http://www.ultimatestunts.nl/index.php?page=12 .

Posted by CJP 2011-12-11

Ultimate Stunts has switched to SVN

As a response to the recent hacks that were related to the Sourceforge CVS servers, the Ultimate Stunts project has switched from CVS to the SVN (Subversion) version control system.

I'll keep the CVS service up for a while, just in case somebody has serious objections to this decision, but from now on all active development will be done in SVN. So, for all of you who want the latest development version: use the SVN service, and not the CVS service.... read more

Posted by CJP 2011-02-21

Ultimate Stunts 0.7.6 released

After 2.5 years, finally the next version is ready to be released. Most of those 2.5 years I have not done anything for Ultimate Stunts, so this will just be another minor release with some small improvements over the previous version. To summarize some changes: car-car collisions have improved, the track editor has some new functions, sound on the OpenAL platform now works better (with optional libvorbisfile support) and OpenAL is now also used in the windows version. Also, a pause function was added, and configuring keys and joysticks has become easier.

Posted by CJP 2011-02-03

Ultimate Stunts 0.7.5 released

This version contains another major improvement in the track editor: the route information will now be automatically re-calculated when you make changes to the track. This is an important step towards completeness of the track editor. Other changes are a more user-friendly settings editor, and a different slip model, which should make the car handling a bit easier.

Posted by CJP 2008-06-23

Ultimate Stunts 0.7.4 released

This version has some graphic improvements, like a smoke effect on crashed cars, and improved environment / sky rendering. Also, collision sounds are now transmitted in network games and stored in replay files. Some new functionality has been added to the track editor, greatly improving its usefulness. And, last but not least, some effort has been made to make it easier to compile Ultimate Stunts on Mac OS X.

Posted by CJP 2008-01-29

Ultimate Stunts 0.7.3 released

The most important change in this release is that cars will now crash if they collide too fast with other objects. Some of the other changes are collision sound improvements, a new and fancy OpenGL mouse cursor, and the addition of a navigation compass to the track editor. It is also worth mentioning that the Linux (x86) binary packages are now based on OpenAL instead of FMOD (the windows binaries will follow later).

Posted by CJP 2007-10-16

Ultimate Stunts 0.7.2 released

Ultimate Stunts 0.7.2 has been released. This version includes large improvements in the track editor user interface. Also, the track editor is now integrated in the game. The physics engine changed a bit, there is a new multiplayer mode for online gaming, and this version comes with more tiles and a new car.

Posted by CJP 2007-08-08

Ultimate Stunts 0.7.1 released

Ultimate Stunts 0.7.1 contains some minor improvements: some bugfixes (especially for compiling with OpenAL), some graphic improvements (e.g. a horizon background image and a mini-map for viewing the race progress), and a user-friendly file selection dialog in the track editor for importing Stunts tracks.

Posted by CJP 2007-05-22

Ultimate Stunts 0.7.0 released

Although most changes in version 0.7.0 are relatively small, there is one new thing that will make a huge difference to some users: for the very first time, the track editor can be used to modify tracks. It is not yet full-featured, but forming hills and placing scenery has become a lot easier than when editing the track file manually. Besides this, some other features have been added, like the possibility to make animated tiles.

Posted by CJP 2007-01-23

Ultimate Stunts 0.6.3 released

Ultimate Stunts 0.6.3 contains some graphic improvements, like the addition of lens flare, a wave animation on water surfaces and, most importantly, the possibility to change the color of the cars. There are some small physics improvements, but more important for the gameplay is that the AI player is finally showing some intelligent behavior. Finally, the size of the data files has been reduced by supporting more image file formats, like JPEG and PNG.

Posted by CJP 2006-11-13

Ultimate Stunts 0.6.2 released

Ultimate Stunts 0.6.2 comes with a new track editor program, which does not yet have any editing functions, but it can be used for importing tracks from the original Stunts (4D Sports Driving) game. There are also some graphics improvements, like a real shadow under the car, and a completely functional dashboard. And, as usual, there are some new data files, like new tiles, new textures, new tracks, and even a new car.

Posted by CJP 2006-08-25

Ultimate Stunts 0.6.1 released

The most important change in Ultimate Stunts 0.6.1 is that it is now possible to record replays and view them. Besides that, the network-functionality has become more user-friendly, as Ultimate Stunts now automatically detects Ultimate Stunts game servers in a LAN, by using a broadcast. And, as always, there is some new artwork, like a new Jeep car and new tiles.

Posted by CJP 2006-01-12

Ultimate Stunts 0.6.0 released

This version of Ultimate Stunts contains many improvements in its network protocol. Network multiplaying was already possible in previous versions, but there were many missing features, and most of them are available in this version. It is even possible for clients who have missing files to download these files from the game server! Besides that, there are many other improvements, like a better handling of the start- and finishpositions, LWO import in the 3D editor and a changed third person camera view.

Posted by CJP 2005-12-02

Ultimate Stunts 0.5.6 released

Version 0.5.6 has some minor improvements over 0.5.5. For instance, the installation procedure on UNIX/Linux systems has been improved. Also, a hiscore system is added, and the player menu is improved. Besides that, more tiles are added, which means more fun when driving.

Posted by CJP 2005-09-14

Ultimate Stunts 0.5.5 released

Ultimate Stunts 0.5.5 has been released, The most important change in this version is that players get penalty time when they do not follow the road. Also, the game stops when all cars have finished. The size of the tiles has been increased for better gameplay, and many tiles are added or improved.

Posted by CJP 2005-05-26

Ultimate Stunts 0.5.4 released

Version 0.5.4 brings some major improvements in the most criticised part of Ultimate Stunts: the game physics. The old physics engine is replaced by completely new code, which may be slightly less realistic, but definitely brings more fun to playing Ultimate Stunts.

Posted by CJP 2005-03-31

Ultimate Stunts 0.5.3 released

Version 0.5.3 has faster graphics, faster loading and support for localisation. The most important problem, which is in the game physics, is not yet solved, but it will (probably) be in the next version.

Posted by CJP 2005-02-25

Ultimate Stunts 0.5.2 released

This new release of Ultimate Stunts has made a huge leap in its network functionality. Now it should be possible to play Ultimate Stunts over a LAN. Of course, there are some other improvements, and some additions to the data files.

Posted by CJP 2005-01-28

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