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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm a new tux commander user - running it in Sidux. Great to see something similar to Krusader for those of us who don't want to install kde components!

    Question re setting up file associations. At present (new installation) I have no graphics program installed so I figured I'd set image files to open in my browser. I did that, but when I try to open a .jpg a small black window flicks up onscreen (as if it's about to load the graphic) then disappears. My browser never opens or displays the image.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Also, I altered the panel column setup - inadvertently checked "date and time" when "date" was already showing. I obviously don't need both, but I can't uncheck either of them. They just won't uncheck. Either I'm blonder than I thought or this might be a bug?

    • djek

      djek - 2008-07-27

      for your browser:
      tested with firefox
      use the full path to firefox
      uncheck "Autodetect Gui application"
      Don't use the %s place holder

      For your columns:
      could be a bug, but it is fixed in later versions
      You could manually edit ~/.tuxcmd/options

      quit tuxcmd first!

      good luck

    • stanks

      stanks - 2008-12-15


      I have this problem too. I use latest version of tux commander. If i use or not "Autodetect Gui application" problem is still there. I don't use %s and i put full path to e.g. evince for pdf documents.
      First when i set evince as default for pdf docs, evince opens pdf file. But after that again question dialog about file association.

    • stanks

      stanks - 2008-12-15

      Here is better explanation and you can try this. Associate e.g. pdf with evince. After that when you close association dialog, you can open any pdf file every time with evince. But now choose e.g. jpg file. Association question dialog appears. I choose yes and for example i check pdf file and i can see that pdf file is not anymore associated with evince.


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