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Tux Commander 0.6.50 Released

New development version of Tux Commander file manager has been released.

This is mostly bugfix release, resolving most annoying standing issues. A new GVFS plugin has been introduced, replacing obsolete gnome-vfs2 subsystem.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2008-10-03

Tux Commander 0.6.36 Released

New development version of Tux Commander file manager has been released.

Newly ported to FreePascal compiler, this version introduces native x86_64 (amd64) platform as well as standard i386. Coming with two now archiving plugins (RAR, TAR/GZ/BZ2) we continue to increase user convenience and usability. RPM packages have been introduced as well.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2008-06-01

Tux Commander 0.5.103 Released

A new stable version of Tux Commander has just been released. This release introduces new ZIP plugin, along as some bugfixes and new small features.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2007-08-19

Tux Commander 0.5.70 Released

Hello my dear users,

I decided to release another bugfix version of Tux Commander - 0.5.70.

My apologies to anyone who had troubles with the plugins from binary package, they have ben compiled with gcc 3.4, which requires a new library not present on most of the systems. All plugins are now compiled back with gcc 3.3 to ensure compatibility.

Also, some bugs are fixed in this release too.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2005-02-08

Tux Commander 0.5.64 released

After long time, here goes a fresh new version. This release introduces some new features - the Connection Manager, Find File function, Bookmark enhancement and many bugfixes. This release is compatible with GTK+ 2.6.

The next version will contain more UI polishing and various smaller enhancements.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2005-01-30

Tux Commander 0.5.39 released

The new testing snapshot of Tux Commander has just been released. Please note that this version is for testing only and may damage your data since there have been a lot of changes in the program core.

This version includes working VFS with gnome-vfs connection plugin (FTP and SMB are working at this moment). The other VFS modules will follow. Please feel free to test it and write some notes.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2004-07-05

Tux Commander 0.4.101 released

New version released, some bugs fixed and some new features added (file tips, some panel buttons, many new small features...).

This is the last release from the 0.4.xx series, I'm trying to collaborate with some other developers to build simple universal plugin-based VFS in Pascal. More info about it will come in one month.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2004-02-10

Tux Commander 0.4.70 released

Fresh new version released, go and grab it while it is hot!
The main new features are finished Preferences dialog and revised configuration system. For full list of new features please see the homepage.

It is planned to release another version in the 0.4.xx series, which will introduce various small enhacenments. Then the new series 0.5.xx will be started and will introduce plugin system and the basics of VFS.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2003-11-07

Tux Commander 0.4.49 Released

Another fresh release ready to download. Don't forget to look at our homepage, there is a completely new site (with a new cool desgin)!

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2003-08-14

Tux Commander 0.4.28 released

This new version introduces file type icons and colors. This results in cleaner and faster navigation. Take a look on it!

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2003-04-17

Tux Commander 0.4.15 Released

Fresh new release of Tux Commander, now with file types association system. It increases usability a lot, but needs more testing. In the next release I will add also support for file-type icons for better navigation.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2003-03-27

Tux Commander 0.3.54 released

I've just uploaded another quite-stable release of tuxcmd. This release includes many useful modifications, such as profiles or file splitting. This is the last 0.3.xx release before some bigger changes.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2003-03-07

Tux Commander 0.3.38 released

Another fresh release is ready for download! This release include many tweaks and mainly SFV-CRC32/MD5 checksum utilities. Full changelog is available on Home Page.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2003-02-09

Tux Commander 0.3.16 released

The second public release of the Tux Commander project has been released. Check tuxcmd.sourceforge.net for changelog or download

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2002-12-30

Tux Commander 0.2.17 released

The first public release of the Tux Commander project has been released. Feel free to test it and send any comments.

Posted by Tomas Bzatek 2002-11-15