#44 impossible to tell if file/dir under cursor is selected


Hi Thomas

I just received the following Bugreport in Debian BTS: http://bugs.debian.org/533570


The cursor is using white/black even if the file underneath is selected.
It should for example change the foreground to the same color as
"Selected Item" (default red) instead.

I know this is upstream, but have no idea where to report/forward it.


Would it be possible to change the behaviour when having the cursor over a selected item, so that this is distinquished?

Many thanks ofr all your work
Kind regards


  • Tomas Bzatek

    Tomas Bzatek - 2009-06-19

    Yes, this is a known issue, limitation of GtkTreeView. There's no way to dynamically change colours of the cursor/text, with no significant performance impact. Any hints are welcome, the widget is not flexible that much however.

  • Salvatore Bonaccorso

    Hi Tomas

    Hmm, yes this seems reasonable to not have an impact on performance. I didn't foud it out yet how gnome-commander does ist (see attached screenshot). The text of the selected item is yellow in default color scheme. If I pass over it with the coursor, the text is still yellow. So maybe if we can find out how gnome-commander solves this, it is possible applicable to tuxcmd too?

    Kind regards

    p.s.: many thanks for your fast reply

  • Tomas Bzatek

    Tomas Bzatek - 2009-11-26

    FYI, gnome-commander uses deprecated GtkCList from gtk 1.x era, it's a completely different widget.

    I have plans to write custom list view widget from scratch or partially based on the Evolution one. No time to do that though.


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