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GameSWF is used to build iOS applications.

Posted by Vitaly Alexeev 2010-12-08

The gameswf-2009-08-08 release of GameSWF is coming

The gameswf-2009-08-08 release of gameSWF is coming.
Improvements since the gameswf-2008-06-17 release are:

* added video handler for OpenGL ES
* added sound handler for OpenAL
* Array class implementation is optimized
* reverted fontlib, so text is antialiased now
* added network support in loadMovie()
* added SQLite plugin
* added File plugin
* added libpthread support
* added 'Mouse' action script class implementation
* fixed a lot of bugs

Posted by Vitaly Alexeev 2009-08-15

gameswf is ported to iPhone

* AS2 classes: Array, AsBroadcaster, Boolean, Color, ColorTransform, Date, Key, loadVars, Math, MovieClipLoader, Number, Selection, sharedObject, Sound, String, textFormat, XMLSocket;
* global functions: setInterval, clearIntarval,setTineout, clearTimeout, getVersion, parseFloat, parseInt, isNaN

* MP3 is not supported;
* Flash masks are not supported;
* ActionScript support is buggy and incomplete. Among other things, built-in ActionScript components do not work;
* outline shapes are not antialiased;
* text is not antialiased;
* various small incompatibilities, so you should try to work around them if possible.... read more

Posted by Vitaly Alexeev 2009-08-07

The gameswf-2008-06-17 release of GameSWF is coming

Improvements since the gameswf-2008-01-05 release are:

* gameSWF playes Flash9 with AS2.0
* gameSWF supports user defined flash components
* fixed detected memory leaks
* implemented sendAndLoad of LoadVars (with sample)
* implemented Sound.loadSound(url)
* implemented FSAA (hardware full screen antialiasing)
* Implemented the antialiasing of polygon edges. Very simple but quite pleasant
* call_method_args() is reverted at the instance of users
* reduced the texture memory usage
* fixed nested mask bug for opengl renderer
* implemented instanceof operator
* implemented FlashVars support
* started AVM2 implementation
* added implementation of the following AS2.0 classes
- Selection
- flash.geom.Matrix
- flash.geom.Point
- ColorTransform and Transform.

Posted by Vitaly Alexeev 2008-06-17

gameSWF plays Flash9 files with Action Script 2.0

gameSWF will support AS 3.0 but later

Posted by Vitaly Alexeev 2008-05-17

gameSWF supports user defined Flash components

Flash components are based on 'extends MovieClip' that is being supported by gameSWF. Built-in Flash components are not supported for now.

Posted by Vitaly Alexeev 2008-04-02

The gameswf-2008-01-05 release of GameSWF is coming

Improvements since the gameswf-2007-07-03 release are:

* Created libgameswf(.dll for Windows, .so for Linux)
* Added the supporting of loadable user plugins
* Added the supporting of Action Script object-oriented programming
- implemented the Subclass/Superclass
- implemented 'extends' opcode(0x69)
- implemented 'super' object
- stabilized property stuff
* Fixed the all known memory leaks
* Tesselator shows more details now
* Implemented garbage collector ... read more

Posted by Vitaly Alexeev 2008-01-06

The gameswf-2007-07-03 release of GameSWF is coming

The gameswf-2007-07-03 release of GameSWF is coming. Improvements since
the gameswf-2006-03-29 release are:

* Allow use of network to open resource URLs (using HTTP protocol)
* Loading of a file is accelerated
* Added dynamic TTF font support in text fileds
* Added the following Action script classes support:
- XMLSocket()
- TextFormat()
- MovieClipLoader()
- Color(): getTransform() & setTransform() methods are added
* Added the following Action script function:
- unloadMovie()
- getter() & setter() support
- addProperty()
* Added the mouse cursor that is changed when points to the active object
* Added 3DS plugin that allow to render & advance 3D MAX files
- snapshot of movieclip may be used as texture(material) for 3D model
* Added support of the following tags:
- DefineFont3
- DefineShape4
- DefineFileAttribute
- DefineFontAlignZones
* Work on maintenance of compatibility with Flash 8 is done
* Fixed a lot of bugs
* Added new bugs :)

Posted by Vitaly Alexeev 2007-07-03

SVN version of gameswf have greater updates

gameswf can play .swf over network using HTTP;
rewrited XMLSocket implementation;
rewrited timer functions;
rewrited MovieClipLoader;
fixed some memory leaks;
added getNextHighestDepth() method;
added addProperty() method;
added the mouse cursor that is changed when points to the active object;
added getTransform() & setTransform() methods;
added loadMovie("my.jpg", ...);
added 3D MAX plugin to render .3DS files using loadMovie("my.3DS", ...), is not completed yet;... read more

Posted by Vitaly Alexeev 2007-05-11

The gameswf-2007-03-25 release of GameSWF is coming

* Added video & MP3 audio support using FFMPEG library.
* Loading and displaying of the swf-file is running in different threads
that allows to display the first frame immideately.
* Added keyPress event handler
* Added input text fields support
* Added stream sound support
* Added delete & delete property operator support
* Added MYSQL support
* Added SetFocus & KilFocus events handler

Posted by Vitaly Alexeev 2007-04-12

Mailing list activated

I've activated the mailing list feature. I have no idea if anyone will ever want to join it. If so, great. If not, then I will use it as a place to forward informative emails relating to the project, so they get publically archived.

Posted by Thatcher Ulrich 2002-08-06

Updated Chunked LOD demo

The demo package for Chunked LOD has been updated. Many many improvements since the last release. See the files section and the home page for downloads and info.

Posted by Thatcher Ulrich 2002-08-06

Updated terrain chunkdemo

There's an updated chunked-LOD terrain demo at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=31763 . The LOD data is compressed to 16 bits/vertex coord, chunk meshes are indexed strips instead of triangle lists, the renderer streams the data through a 2MB AGP buffer instead of trying to put all vertex info in AGP RAM, and many bugs have been fixed in the renderer and the heightfield_chunker preprocessor. The demo is now capable of processing and viewing large datasets from http://vterrain.org/BT/index.html . Polygon throughput is significantly improved on my test machine; I can get about 10M tris/sec under optimal conditions (high detail, low fps, 16-bit buffer), which is very close to the throughput of NVidia's learning_VAR demo under the same conditions.

Posted by Thatcher Ulrich 2001-11-17

Lua game example

I've written a little game using Lua + LuaSWIG + SDL. The game code is entirely in Lua. It worked out pretty well, although it definitely won't win any performance awards. See the Files section for a downloadable package.

Posted by Thatcher Ulrich 2001-11-06