2 new events + 3 new single races

  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2014-04-05

    Hi again,

    this was a longer break during which I tried to start modeling a new car. So far I don't have anything to share, but I hope it won't stay this way.

    Nevertheless I made three new single race maps and two events with five maps each:

    Single races


    High Stakes http://www.veganmania.at/div/trigger/highstakes.zip

    1. Sky
    2. Crossing
    3. Tricky
    4. High Pass
    5. Endless Options

    This Event takes about 40 minutes and in most cases I used a real elevation map from the earth as starting point. Unfortunately I think it doesn't make much difference if I start from a real terrain since the most important part is the modeling of the street. I tried to cover as much height variation as possible, but it soon get's quite challenging since Trigger very often produces steps instead of smooth tilted surfaces.

    I love Crossing because of the textures and the thick vegetation. On my old notebook this amount of sprites tests the limits. In my opinion it's worth some frames less. Endless Options is fun because of the very wild maze of 3D roads, but can still be raced quite fast.

    Weird Dare http://www.veganmania.at/div/trigger/weird.zip

    1. China
    2. Frisky Hills
    3. Liquid Rocks
    4. Slope
    5. Mars

    Obviously I didn't really try to generate realistic maps in all cases for this less than 30 minutes event. But in my opinion those maps are fun too. I tried to incorporate the chinese wall, but was never satisfied with what I accomplished. Therefore the final map doesn't contain any hint why it's called china. I especially love Mars and Liquid Rocks for their striking atmosphere.

    Please test it and add it to the repository if there is no reason to refuse that! Of course I would be happy if you give me some feedback as well.

    With the new additions I count 44 single races and 9 events. People giving the game a try will not end up with finishing all on a single day any more. I believe in total I made 52 races (48 maps) so far.

    I hope we can manage to get the new Trigger Rally version into Debain 8. Is there any procedure we need to follow? Who deals with that and has already experience with it?

  • landroni

    landroni - 2014-04-21

    Hi! I couldn't yet test the maps because of some local system issues (GLX is down). But I suspect that they're as good as all your previous work, and as such there'll probably be no issues to commit them to the repo.

    "I hope we can manage to get the new Trigger Rally version into Debain 8. Is there any procedure we need to follow? Who deals with that and has already experience with it?"

    Unfortunately we're as far from a new release as we were about a year ago. The sticky point is r88: New car textures, including noise texture for .svg tire pattern. As it stands, there is no consensus in our small community on the name and texture changes (and I'm not the only one who is not quite happy with some of the changes). If some compromise were reached on this (e.g. choose better name replacements and provide a user-configurable option to revert to old names and textures), then I could fairly easily organize a new release and request for a version bump in Debian.

  • Onsemeliot

    Onsemeliot - 2014-04-22

    Thank you for your trust, Liviu. I will answer to the release-issue in the other discussion you pointed out.


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