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New update

The torrents details are back ! The HTML parsing for details is now done with HTML::TreeBuilder (new dependency), this makes the code much more cleaner. All parsing will be done with this module in the next updates.

Posted by Huguenin 2015-06-08

Another bug fixed

Another bug fixed and comments are now displayed in a compact view.

Posted by Huguenin 2014-06-05

Bug fixed

A bug in comments display due to tpb's source code modification is fixed.
For the url in the config file, i recommend to change it to then you'll have no problem with a domain change anymore.

Posted by Huguenin 2014-05-06

Back to .se

Back to .se

Thepiratebay is back to its .se domain, so I changed again the config file to fix that. Check to get new informations about this "domain business" and to be able to correct yourselves the config file ! :)

Posted by Huguenin 2013-04-11

Torrtux 1.1.1 is out

New release !

Torrtux 1.1 had been released yesterday, but with a little mistake (thanks to Shaggy) in the README file and from now, switched to (
So torrtux 1.1.1 is already out and available now, with some changes :

  • You can easily change your tpb domain in the config file (useful for country where tpb is blocked)
  • A compact display is now available, no more need to scroll up to see the first torrent
  • You can chose in the config file if you want the comments and the subs research or if you don't... read more
Posted by Huguenin 2013-04-09

Torrtux 1.0

Torrtux 1.0 is out

You can download the new release of torrtux from now ! Be careful there is more dependencies than before. Check the file DEPENDS before installing/upgrading.

New features :

  • return to a new search
  • subs downloadable from
  • some bugs fixed

Thanks for all the reviews and to !

Posted by Huguenin 2012-12-09

Torrtux 1.0 soon

Torrtux 1.0 stable version soon

I'm working on a new version of torrtux, at last... I have already fixed some displaying bugs and I want to develop new functions for this first stable torrtux (display many pages of comments for example).
This will be for january, I think...

Thank you very much for the reviews/recommendations !

Posted by Huguenin 2012-11-04


Reviews and comments

I'm still waiting for some reviews and comments, about what works and doesn't work for you, if it doesn't work at all, if all is perfect, etc. ! Or just take 2s for a vote, thank you !

Posted by Huguenin 2012-04-30

Torrtux 0.2.0 and Archlinux package

Torrtux 0.2.0 and Arch package

I've uploaded a new version of torrtux !
What's new ?
- Some bugs fixed
- You can chose a page (other than the next page)
- Some warnings messages added

For Arch users, an AUR package in now available. Many thanks to the maintainer !
Use this command: "yaourt -Sy torrtux" to install.
I'll try to make a Ubuntu package soon.

Une nouvelle version de torrtux est en ligne !
Les nouveautés :
- Quelques bugs en moins
- Vous pouvez maintenant choisir une page (autre que la page suivante)
- Quelques messages d'avertissement ajoutés... read more

Posted by Huguenin 2012-03-29

On PirateBay

Torrtux with p2p

Now, you can download and share torrtux with P2P ! It's available on piratebay, here :

But, because a mistake, the config file isn't in the directory, so you have to create it before the installation (touch .torrtuxrc in the directory)...

Posted by Huguenin 2012-03-20

New release

Torrtux 0.1.0

New release of torrtux, with corrections in the code, a manpage and new features :
- Key words in arguments
- Return to precedent page
- You can chose the type of sorting you want (see man torrtux)

Enjoy :)

Posted by Huguenin 2012-03-18

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