Gary Lowther - 2007-09-19

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I'd like to cast a vote for this feature, too! In addition, since "Copy" is such a commonly needed/used function, I'd like to see it added to the context menu. I did this for my team's use via the following code change in "proc build-popupMenu {}":

$m add command -label "Copy" -underline 0 -command do-copy -accelerator "c"
$m add separator

I inserted this immediately after the menu was instantiated (e.g. right after line
"set m $w(popupMenu)"), making it the first item in the context menu, and therefore, very easy/quick to select.

Although I haven't coded these up (yet), I'd also like to see a couple of additional copy functions. Specifically, "Copy Line" would be nice, and "Copy Section" would be even nicer. The former would simply search for beginning/end of line, and copy everything in it to the clipboard. The latter might search for the first blank line above the insertion pointer, and the first blank line after the pointer, and copy everything in between to the clipboard.