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    Yes, you're probably on your own. I'm about the last person to do much with tkdiff, and I didn't delve into the scrollbar issues, I just tried to keep it current with the various revision-control systems. When I switched to Tk8.5, I just stuck to a single font, which is the default anyway. Patches are still being accepted, so if you're motivated to get into the display code, you're welcome to do so. As for me, I'm retired and crocheting little animals and flowers instead of coding :-) dorothyr

  • Posted a comment on ticket #2 on tkdiff

    The diff program has options to ignore whitespace. To activate it, in the General...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on TkCVS

    For years now, my working tkcvs source code has been in a Subversion repository at...

  • Modified ticket #101 on TkCVS

    implicit -dir for dir argument

  • Modified ticket #146 on TkCVS

    revision graph on file: "You are here" is not correclty positionned

  • Posted a comment on ticket #146 on TkCVS

    patch #102

  • Modified ticket #134 on TkCVS

    V8.2: Graph. branch diagram and diff error with svn

  • Posted a comment on ticket #134 on TkCVS

    patch #102

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