tkdiff40 error.

  • davegu1

    davegu1 - 2005-12-14

    When comparing two text files under tkdiff or tkdiff40 we get the following error:

    What could be the cause of this.

    unknown option "-state"
        while executing
    "$w(mergeChoiceLabel) configure  -state disabled"
        (procedure "update-display" line 152)
        invoked from within
        (procedure "main" line 63)
        invoked from within
        (file "/contrib/bin/tkdiff" line 10256)

    • brian

      brian - 2006-02-18

      did you ever get a resolution to this problem.  I also am having the same problem.

      Error in startup script: unknown option "-state"
          while executing
      "$w(mergeChoiceLabel) configure -state disabled"
          (procedure "update-display" line 156)
          invoked from within

      thanks for your reply


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