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TiLP - Ti Linking Program / News: Recent posts

Windows Vista support

TiLP2 & TiEmu3 has been successfully tested on Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (RC1 32-bits).

Same apply for the LPG's USB driver.

Posted by Romain Liévin 2006-10-03

Windows XP-64 support

Stefan Oltmanns <> contacted me 3days ago: he has Windows XP-64 and rebuilt the driver as well as the library.

I have merged his driver in the current tree. The driver's homepage has been updated. The driver is available from the homepage ( or from

Have fun !

Posted by Romain Liévin 2006-05-25

TiLP support the new TI's link cable

Julien Blache and I (Romain Livin) have developped device drivers (a Linux and a Win32 one) for supporting the TI-GRAPH LINK USB cable.
These drivers can be found on the LPG,

Posted by Romain Liévin 2001-10-14

TiLP on Mac OS X

Some will notice that a tilp-osx directory has appeared in the CVS tree.

This is the early beginning of the OS X port. The GUI is mostly finished, as well as classes definitions.

I expect a fully functionnal version of TiLP before the end of the year... if real life does not catch me up :)

Things that needs to be done :
- hook the GUI to the core
- code the preferences management
- code the DnD stuff
- code the driver for the TIGL USB (possibly in the libticables using the IOKit)
- code the support for the driver into the libticables... read more

Posted by Julien BLACHE 2001-10-14