#12 GUI Improvements and CLI program


Some GUI improvements you could implement:

- Asynchronous receiving/sending of files (this includes receiving file lists, etc.)
This would be great, since it's a pain to see it freeze up, especially with TI-Nspires.
This could probably be threading or something like that.
This should also be implemented into the GUI.
Maybe something like this?
http://filezilla-project.org/images/screenshots/fz3_win_main.png (see the bottom part of the window?)

- Transfer queue
This would occur as a result of the above suggestion.
Prioritizing what should be transfered first is a good thing to put in too.
Again, FileZilla should be used as a reference. (Right click the entry at the bottom when the file is still
transferring for an example.)

- Transfer to multiple calcs (could be at the same time, but doesn't have to)
From the above suggestions, this would be great!
Threading would probably be used for this one.

- The folders should be selectable/highlightable.
Clicking on them does not highlight them. It always confuses me as to if it froze or not.
You could also implement an option to make folders transferable to - as in transfer all the compatible
files in the folder to the calc.

- Make a CLI only program without dependencies to GTK/QT.
It's pretty easy for this one, and it would be pretty useful for batch scripts.
I can definitely imagine what could be done with this.
Make it separate so that the configure script doesn't need GTK/QT to compile TiLP. (maybe tilp_cli binary?)

That's all! This program is really nice, and has a lot of potential. Great work!