#307 Universe view improvements


At the moment, the tpclient-pywx feels very little like a game, and more like a graphing and accounting program.

To remedy this, I suggest a number of things:

*When dragging the map/view, have it "float" (continue moving) a short bit after mouse button release. How much should depend on the acceleration of the pointer when the button is released. However, it should not be hard to release the button in such a way that the map does not continue floating for usability reasons.

Note: Inspiration and code can be gathered from OpenMoko, where this has been implemented in menus.

*Zooming is done in smaller steps, and there should be a "zooming" effect consisting of even smaller steps in between these. Ability to use the mouse wheel for this would be great, and even greater if the zooming centres on where the pointer is located rather than the centre of the screen.

Note: The non-OSS game Supreme Commander does this in a most excellent manner. See video here: http://tinyurl.com/yrgwbg

*Zooming should cause the star icons to scale up. At the moment their size is a strain on the eyes for us with large resolutions, and it would create an illusion of dimension even though the amount they scale might be entirely unrealistic.

Note: FreeOrion does this in a nice and gameplay-friendly manner.

*The black background should include several layers of stars in order to look less empty and dull. These stars should be seen moving when the user pans and zooms the view. The different layers would obviously move differently, to create a more authentic illusion of dimension.

Note: FreeOrion does this aswell, and it is a very nice effect.


  • Lukstr

    Lukstr - 2008-03-03

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    Parallax scrolling is an excellent way to simulate depth, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parallax_scrolling

    Having a few layers of stars with parallax scrolling would be nice

  • Anonymous - 2008-03-03
    • priority: 5 --> 1

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