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Thousand Parsec / News: Recent posts

Thousand Parsec a mentor for Google Summer of Code 2009

After successfully participating in the previous two Summer of Code[1] programs, Thousand Parsec is happy to announce that we will be participating again. In previous years we have had a huge amount of success, with 8 students participating last year[2].

To all the interested students we suggest to take a look at our Google Summer of Code Wiki page[3]. There you should find the ideas list[4] and all the needed information on how to go about preparing the best possible application for your project. We highly suggest you get in contact with Thousand Parsec community as soon as possible. so we can help you with your proposal. You can find us on #tp IRC channel on[5], on tp-devel mailing list[6] or on our forum for GSoC 2009[7]. The sooner we meet, the better for all of us.... read more

Posted by Jure Repinc 2009-03-19

Thousand Parsec releases tpserver-cpp 0.6.0

Thousand Parsec ( is working toward a framework for creating online turn-based space strategy games.

This release of the main C++ game server includes two new games that were developed as Google Summer of Code projects, and a new remote administration protocol (another GSoC project). Bugs were fixed and other improvements made as well.

Posted by Lee Begg 2009-01-13

Thousand Parsec releases tpserver-cpp 0.5.1

Thousand Parsec ( is working toward a framework for creating online turn-based space strategy games.

This release of the main C++ game server is mainly bug fixes and build improvements. The major improvement is support for building the server on OS X.

Posted by Lee Begg 2008-07-01

Thousand Parsec releases tpserver-cpp 0.5.0

Thousand Parsec ( is working toward a framework for creating online turn-based space strategy games.

After nearly a year of development, Thousand Parsec has released the next version of the main game server, tpserver-cpp 0.5.0. Included in this release is last year's Google Summer of Code project, Reach for the Stars Clone ruleset. A large number of other improvements have been made, such as a new Object model, TP04 protocol support, better control over what players can see on the server and history supporting MySQL persistence. This release is a significant step towards the goal of a fully featured server.

Posted by Lee Begg 2008-05-01

wxPython Client 0.3.1 Released

Hello everyone,

You can find a HTML version of this announcement at

Hot on the heals of 0.3.0 is the 0.3.1 release of the primary Thousand Parsec
client. This release is an incremental improvement over the previous one but
it does not lack in improvement. It fixes over 100 bugs found and adds a
whole slew of new features.

New features added:
* More auto-detection around orders, meaning better support for the RFTS
ruleset on tpserver-cpp.
* Copy, paste and quick-insert context menu (on the Orders window) is back.
* Added ability to request server end the current turn.
* Added a help menu and some help pop-ups.
* Added navigation icons.
* Resource overlay now lets you chose multiple resources to be displayed.
* Downloads all players and display their info in various locations.
* Order arguments in Orders window now built from XRC (removes some of the
last remaining legacy code).... read more

Posted by Jure Repinc 2008-03-25

Thousand Parsec accepted into Google Summer of Code 2008!

Google has just published the list of accepted mentoring organizations for Google Summer of Code 2008. We are extremely happy to report that Thousand Parsec is one of the projects which will have the opportunity to mentor aspiring open source developers.

A few words about us for people who might be interested into Thousand Parsec. Our project is all about turn-based 4X space strategy games, where the player gets to build his very own space empire. We mostly use Python and C++. There is also some code written in Java and PHP. Of course people who know other languages are most welcome too.... read more

Posted by Jure Repinc 2008-03-17

Primary Thousand Parsec client version 0.3.0 released

It's been a long time since the last release of the primary client for playing Thousand Parsec games. Now, the wait is finally over and it was well worth it. Large parts of the client have drastically changed. Connecting to game servers is simplified. The new user interace enables you to more easily see important information and then more efficiently issue orders. Translation support makes it possible to conqueror the universe in your mother language.... read more

Posted by Jure Repinc 2008-02-18

libtpproto-cpp 0.1.1 released by Thousand Parsec

Thousand Parsec ( is working toward a framework for creating online turn-based space strategy games.

libtpproto-cpp is the client side library for playing Thousand Parsec games, and is written in C++. This release adds support for secure sockets, account creation, and a new GameStatusListener. Keep an eye out in future for the next release with TP04 protocol support, and a more general and asynchronous interface to facilitate better client integration.... read more

Posted by Lee Begg 2007-07-04

Thousand Parsec has new Wiki!

There have been a number of requests to have a Wiki. So we have created one .

The Wiki is currently stock MediaWiki, but will will eventually theme it and integrate properly with the rest of the website.

Feel free to create yourself an account and start adding content. Some ruleset designers have already started documenting their own rulesets !

Posted by Tim 'mithro' Ansell 2007-05-26

Thousand Parsec Google Summer of Code Allocations

As everyone who has been participating in the Google Summer of Code ( knows, Google released the allocation on the 11th of April. Thousand Parsec was allocated 3 slots, which means we will have 3 students working almost full time on the project over the summer!

Selecting the proposals was very hard, we had 51 proposals and most where of a very high quality. Give unlimited resources we would probably have funded half of them.... read more

Posted by Tim 'mithro' Ansell 2007-05-26

Thousand Parsec accepted to Google Summer of Code!

The Thousand Parsec project has been accepted as a mentor organisation for Google Summer of Code (SoC).

Thousand Parsec is building a framework for creating Online Turn Based Space games, and is written in many languages including Python, C++, C, Ruby, and PHP.

This year a project you work on in the SoC programme can be for Thousand Parsec. We have added a special page setup for you to see what type of ideas you could work on. It is at read more

Posted by Lee Begg 2007-03-16

Thousand Parsec tpserver-cpp 0.4.1 released

Thousand Parsec project has released the next version of the game server, tpserver-cpp.

Mostly bug fixes in this release, but a few new features have been added, including: non-blocking tps and https player connections, setting for turning
metaserver updates on, updates to minisec, updates for AI comp, ping limiting
code, Mersenne Twister random number generator, nicer looking and behaving
console, more portable using libltdl. Mithro even has it running under cygwin
for windows (unsupported though). See the ChangeLog and/or the darcs history for more.... read more

Posted by Lee Begg 2007-02-28

libtprl 0.1.2 released

Thousand Parsec ( is working toward a framework for creating online turn-based space strategy games.

Thousand Parsec has released a new version of libtprl, a C++ ReadLine library. libtprl is used by the C++ server, tpserver-cpp.

There are changes to the actual library this time. New methods added and some small cleanup. Added were methods for getting the current commandset, setting whether readline catches signals, redisplaying the line and force redisplaying the line, and setting the finish of completions (disabling the filename completion). All 0.1.x releases will be interface compatible. ... read more

Posted by Lee Begg 2007-02-09

Thousand Parsec tpserver-cpp 0.4.0 released

Thousand Parsec project has released the next version of the game server, tpserver-cpp.

A number of new features have been added, including metaserver and mdns-sd support, parameterised Orders, better setting change notifications, server only wakes up when it needs to, timers, and bug fixes. See the ChangeLog and/or the darcs history for more.

Thousand Parsec ( is working toward an open source framework for creating online turn based space strategy games.

Posted by Lee Begg 2007-02-03

Thousand Parsec AI Programming Competition!

I'm happy to announce that Thousand Parsec is running a AI Programming Competition. There are quite a few really cool prizes and a good place to pick up some Thousand Parsec swag!

If you have any interest in AI programming I would recommend giving it a go. Thousand Parsec games offer a very different environment for AI's from a standard game. As well, AI's are standard clients, so it can't cheat even if it wanted to.... read more

Posted by Tim 'mithro' Ansell 2007-01-27

tpclient-pywx 0.2.1 released!

With a New Year comes a new release of Thousand Parsec's primary client!
The next version stable version of tpclient-pywx 0.2.1 is now available. This version fixes the following bugs and problems:

* Progress bars not reaching completed state. (all platforms)
* Pause when downloading initial media information. (all platforms)
* No media on non-english language systems. (all platforms)
* Bug in resource information download. (all platforms)
* Flickering of animation in the Information window. (windows)
* Client support libraries requiring setuptools. (unix)... read more

Posted by Tim 'mithro' Ansell 2007-01-01

libtprl release 0.1.1

This release is a bug fix for two issues of configuration/pkg-config and include ordering.

libtprl is a C++ readline library to try to make it nicer to program in C++ with readline support. The library is used by the Thousand Parsec C++ server for console commands.

Posted by Lee Begg 2006-12-20

Massive tpclient-pywx 0.2.0 released

After a massive amount of work, Thousand Parsec is proud to announce that the next version (0.2.0) of its primary client is now available.

There have been massive changes to the client's back end code and quite a few UI improvements. Some off the highlights are:

* Request Pipelineing. Faster downloads on fast connections and on connections with high ping times.
* Automatic Media Downloading. The client will now download the required media of the web.
* Animated Planet Graphics. There are now cool animated planet graphics and other graphics displayed in the information screen.
* Account Creation Support. You can now create an account on servers straight from the client.
* Design Support. You can now create ships, torpedoes or any other object that the server supports. Properties and requirements of designs are calculated locally using a Scheme based language called tpcl.
* Message Reference Support. Servers can now say that messages refer to certain objects and the GOTO button will take you to them.
* Better Caching. Better support for Universe caching and only downloading what has changed.... read more

Posted by Tim 'mithro' Ansell 2006-12-11