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Release: ThinkFinger 0.3

It's been a while since the last release, but I'm pretty sure it was
worth waiting. ThinkFinger 0.3 is out!

Download (Tarball):


Major changes (0.2.2 to 0.3):

* support for any device which is working with the binary driver
* avoid fingerprint device from heating up
* new debugging option '--enable-usb-debug' (see INSTALL)
* PAM debug support (see INSTALL)
* compatibility to biometric identification records of the binary driver... read more

Posted by Timo Hoenig 2007-04-05


There will be a talk about ThinkFinger on this year's FOSDEM. It will be on Sunday, 25th February 2007, 11:15 - 12:00 in room H.1308.

So, if you can make it to Brussels on that weekend give us a visit.

Posted by Timo Hoenig 2007-02-23

Release: ThinkFinger 0.2.2

ThinkFinger 0.2.2 is out.

Download (Tarball):


Major changes (0.2.1 to 0.2.2):

* Add support for PAM <
* Add man pages for 'tf-tool' and 'pam_thinkfinger'.
* pam_thinkfinger: Add support for pam_syslog.

For details please have a look at the complete ChangeLog:

*\*checkout*/thinkfinger/ChangeLog?revision=72... read more

Posted by Timo Hoenig 2007-02-05

Release: ThinkFinger 0.2.1

I'm glad to announce the release of ThinkFinger 0.2.1.

Download (Tarball):


Major changes (0.2 to 0.2.1):

* Unify initialization for all revisions of the fingerprint reader. This obsoletes 'tf-init' and the '--no-init' switch for 'tf-tool'.
* It is now possible to acquire biometric identification records for users which are then respected by the PAM module. See README and INSTALL for details.
* Make 'tf-tool' more robust and error-prone.
* Update documentation (README, INSTALL).
* Many fixes in both, libthinkfinger and tf-tool.... read more

Posted by Timo Hoenig 2007-01-29

Project Page Online

Thanks to the wonderful work of Wolfgang, ThinkFinger now has an enviable project homepage. In other news you can expect a bug fix release (ThinkFinger 0.2.1) soon.

Posted by Timo Hoenig 2007-01-23

Release: ThinkFinger 0.2

I'm happy to announce the release of ThinkFinger 0.2.

You can download the tar ball in the files section of the project on SourceForge.

Posted by Timo Hoenig 2007-01-12

Initial check-in

I just checked in the initial code of libthinkfinger to SVN. It comes with a little example application. Enjoy.


Posted by Timo Hoenig 2006-11-08