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Synchrorep 1.5.3

Gnome 3/Unity compatibility
64 bits system compatibility

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2012-01-01

Synchrorep 1.5.1

Add differential copy

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2011-06-01

Synchrorep 1.4.8

Ubuntu 11.04 compatibility

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2011-04-23

Synchrorep 1.4.7

Improve performance of removing folders
Can now ask questions at the end of synchronization
Redesign behaviour window

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2011-03-30

Synchrorep 1.4.6

Ubuntu 10.10 compatibility
Bug fix on desktop launcher creation
Upgrade spanish translation

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2010-10-13

Synchrorep 1.4.5

Add logs to trace synchronizations result

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2010-03-22

Synchrorep 1.4.4

Implementation of md5sum to improve fiability

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2010-03-15

Synchrorep 1.4.3

- Bug fix : database get busy on multi launch
- Now possible to launch a group from contextual menu
- Now show synchronization card before first launch
- Adding lock on synchronization avoiding launching more that once in same time the same folder

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2010-03-06

Synchrorep 1.4.2

- Bug fix : synchronizations didn't start if a synchronization folder has quotes in name
- New feature : Groups of synchronizations allow to launch several synchronizations in one click in the applications menu

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2010-03-03

Synchrorep 1.4.1

Porting synchrorep in C/C++ improving performance
New time set differences detection between local and distant systems
Revoke automatic synchronization on usb disk insertion

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2010-02-19

Synchrorep 1.3.5

This new version now use standard gnome gio library in order to manipulate uri and networks files operations.

This fix principaly two bugs :
- Specials chars in networks uri cause impossible synchronization
- Some binary files was imossible to synchronize on ftp shares

This also speedup networks synchronizations and fiability

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2009-06-28

Synchrorep 1.3.4

Bugs fix

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2009-06-17

Synchrorep now support ftp and network shares

Synchrorep 1.3.2 have been released.
You can now synchronize with ftp sites and network share via samba client if mounted on desktop.

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2009-05-29

Synchrorep 1.3 released

New release of synchrorep 1.3 which now automatically start synchronization when a concerned usb device is inserted.

Spanish, Polish and Russian translations still incomplete (5 strings not translated). These strings will be displayed in english.

English and French languages are fully available.

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2009-05-19

Synchrorep 1.2.3

New languages available : Spanish, Polish and Russian

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2009-04-30

Synchrorep 1.2.2 released

Compatibility with Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2009-04-26

Synchrorep 1.2 - Multi-language support

Synchrorep support now the xgettext system to provide the most appropriate language to you. Actually, french and english.

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2009-03-28 (synchrorep)

A new english version of official site for Iceberg Project (Synchorep), available at or and choose your language.

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2009-03-12

Synchrorep 1.1.2

New release with bug fix

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2009-03-12

Synchrorep 1.1 : english version released

Synchrorep is now available in english langage

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2009-02-26

Synchrorep 1.1

Synchrorep 1.1 est arrivé. Il permet maintenant de paramétrer les comportements de la synchronisation en fonction de l'usage que l'on en fait (Sauvegarde, Nomades, ...)

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2009-01-06

Iceberg Project

Synchrorep est une partie de Iceberg Project :

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2008-12-07

Synchrorep 1.0b7

Mise en ligne de Synchrorep 1.0b7

Posted by Kus Sébastien 2008-12-07

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