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3.8.0 Released

SymmetricDS, the open source data replication tool for databases and file systems, has a new release of version 3.8.0! This release includes 12 new features and makes 40 improvements! We focused on performance, network efficiency, and monitoring capabilities for this version. Here are some highlights:

  • Multiple threads sync channels in parallel, with additional threads for extract, send, and load.
  • Channels can be throttled to limit their network bandwidth.
  • Caching was added to reduce database queries needed for operation.
  • Optimized data gap detection to improve routing performance.
  • Keepalives are used during push and pull to prevent the connection from timing out.
  • Batches retry from staging instead sending over the network again.
  • Monitoring of system problems with notification via email.... read more
Posted by Eric Long 2016-08-10 Labels: release

3.7.0 Released

SymmetricDS, the open source data replication tool for databases and file systems, has a new release of version 3.7. This release fixes 10 bugs, makes 12 improvements, and adds 2 features. This is a minor release that focuses on usability, documentation, and some infrastructure adjustments. The documentation is updated and includes new topics. Extension scripts and code can now be added to configuration to customize data synchronization. The server detects extensions in the configuration and automatically compiles and registers them at runtime. The target_schema_name for routing can now use an expression that includes replacement variables. See the changelog for more information.... read more

Posted by Eric Long 2015-01-08 Labels: release

3.6.0 Released

SymmetricDS 3.6.0 was released, which fixes 19 bugs, adds 34 improvements, and adds 9 features.

This minor release includes some great new features to expand your synchronization scenarios and improve performance. Extensions can now be added in configuration using Java code for routers, transforms, and load filters. While it's still possible to use BeanShell scripts for extensions in your configuration, using Java results in much faster performance. The MySQL bulk loader is officially released, along with updates to the bulk loaders for SQL Server and PostgreSQL that include LOB handling. A MongoDB data loader is included, which lets you sync relational data into MongoDB documents and collections. The file synchronization includes new features for syncing by control file and deleting after sync. File sync was stress tested and has new concurrent locking for improved scalability. Dynamic channels were added to allow more flexibility, which allows multiple reload channels.... read more

Posted by Eric Long 2014-06-24 Labels: release

3.5.21 Released

SymmetricDS 3.5.21 was released, which fixes 4 bugs and adds 4 improvements. Fixes include an early commit bug that was causing lock timeouts, and accurate statistics on the initial load. Improvements include case insensitivity for transforms and better performance of some queries on PostgreSQL. See the changelog for more information.

Posted by Eric Long 2014-04-29 Labels: release

3.5.16 Released

SymmetricDS 3.5.16 was released, which fixes 10 bugs and adds 4 improvements. Fixes apply to dialects (H2, PostgreSQL, Sybase), file sync, wildcard triggers, transforms, and API. Improvements made to math transforms, variable column transform, locking, and command invocation.

See the changelog for more information.

Download SymmetricDS 3.5.16 now.

Posted by Eric Long 2014-02-05

3.5.15 Released

This release fixes two bugs and adds one improvement. Fixes were made to the start scripts and using multiple routers to the same node. The startup was improved to detect changes to the sync URL.

Posted by Eric Long 2014-01-23 Labels: bugfix

3.5.14 Released

SymmetricDS 3.5.14 was released, which fixes 6 bugs and adds 4 improvements. Fixes were made to routing, data gap detector, upgrade process, and syncing smallints on Oracle. Improvements were made to the support snapshots, SQL events, shorter classpaths, and documentation. See the changelog for more information.

Posted by Eric Long 2014-01-18 Labels: bugfixes

SymmetricDS 3.5.13 Released

SymmetricDS 3.5.13 was released, which fixes 7 bugs and adds 4 improvements. Many of the issues were platform specific, with fixes for Android, Firebird, Oracle, SQL-Server, and Sybase platforms. Improvements were made to the REST API and initial load process.

Posted by Eric Long 2014-01-08 Labels: bugfixes


SymmetricDS 3.5.12 patch was released. This release fixes 15 bugs and makes 3 improvements. Issues were fixed in transforms, REST API, file sync, initial load, and dialects for Oracle, SQL Server, and Firebird. Improvements were made to the initial load extract and logging.

Posted by Eric Long 2013-12-19 Labels: Bugfixes

3.5.11 Released

SymmetricDS 3.5.11 patch version is released. This release fixes 3 bugs and adds 1 feature and 4 improvements. Issues were fixed in load filters, symadmin tool, and the SQL Server dialect. Improvements were made to the load filters, API, and Oracle timestamps. A new feature was added to exactly replicate schema during initial load when using the same database platforms.

Posted by Eric Long 2013-11-18

3.5.10 Released

This release fixes 2 bugs and makes 3 improvements. Fixes for the package location on Oracle and statement performance on Firebird. Conflict resolution for file sync was added. Large LOB handling was optimized for better memory usage. Here is the changelog:

Posted by Eric Long 2013-10-21

3.5.9 Released

SymmetricDS 3.5.9 was released, with 3 bugfixes and 2 improvements. Bugs were fixed in file synchronization, the SQLite dialect, and multi-homing. The process monitor was improved to track the table name during extraction. The API was improved to allow a single table and trigger to be installed without other configuration.

Posted by Eric Long 2013-10-15

3.5.7 Released

This release has 3 bugfixes and 1 improvement, including fixes for streaming of LOBs on Oracle, numeric data types on Sybase, the localhost problem on Linux, and caching for performance. See the changelog at:

Posted by Eric Long 2013-09-15

3.5.6 Released

SymmetricDS 3.5.6 was released. This release fixes 3 bugs, including fixes for money type on PostgreSQL, old data capture, and the uninstall feature on H2. See the details in the changelog:

Posted by Eric Long 2013-09-06

SymmetricDS at Oracle Open World

Have you thought about going to Oracle OpenWorld conference this year? It's Sep 22-26 in San Francisco. JumpMind will be exhibiting there and promoting SymmetricDS solutions! We'd love to have some SymmetricDS users stop by the booth and say "hi". Here are 3 reasons why you should attend...

At the bottom of the page is a priority code that gets you into the exhibition hall and keynotes for free. Hope to see you there!

Posted by Eric Long 2013-08-30

3.5.5 Released

This release fixes 5 bugs and includes 3 improvements. Fixes were made to transforms and initial load. Transforms were improved to add access to old data. Conflicts were improved with an option to ignore columns. Encoding support was improved with a property to force character encoding.

Posted by Eric Long 2013-08-28

Poll: What problem have you solved with SymmetricDS?

SymmetricDS can synchronize data as a solution to solve different problems. We'd like to know what solution you're using on your project. Click on your solution at the poll below, and if you have a moment, leave a comment about what solutions you'd like to see us support in the future.

Posted by Eric Long 2013-08-26

SymmetricDS 3.5 is here!

We now support syncing data with Android mobile clients using the SQLite database. Also newly supported are Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise and SQL Anywhere databases. File synchronization is included in this release, with separate channels and jobs that also sync with your network of nodes on the same network port. There are also improvements to the initial load to split a table into multiple batches to help with transfer and loading of large tables. We want to thank everyone for all the help they provided with contributions, testing, and feedback.... read more

Posted by Eric Long 2013-07-26

3.4.6 Released

This release includes 5 bugfixes and 3 improvements, including fixes for MySQL dialect, Oracle dialect, and node communication. Performance improvements to batch status and connection pooling were made.

Posted by Eric Long 2013-06-07 Labels: bugfix release

3.4.5 Released

This release includes 11 bugfixes and an improvement to allow the initial load to occur before creating triggers. The issue changelog can be found at:

Posted by Eric Long 2013-06-03

3.4.3 Released

SymmetricDS 3.4.3 was released to fix issues with using wildcard characters to match which tables to include in synchronization.

Posted by Eric Long 2013-05-09

3.4.2 Released

SymmetricDS 3.4.2 has been released and is the recommended version for 3.4. We worked around an issue with the nocount setting on SQL-Server which keeps row counts from returning. Added some more process information around registration to enable monitoring.

Posted by Eric Long 2013-04-29

3.4.0 Released

The next minor version of SymmetricDS 3.4.0 data synchronization software has been released. It includes 4 new features, 18 bugfixes, and 15 improvements. New features include an API to read the process synchronization status, support for both MariaDB server and driver, and a new "remove" column transform type.

Posted by Eric Long 2013-04-22

3.3.7 Released

SymmetricDS 3.3.7 was just released with 3 bugfixes, including some performance improvements for large batches and initial loads.

Posted by Eric Long 2013-04-16 Labels: bugfix release

Next database for SymmetricDS?

What should be the next database supported in SymmetricDS for data replication and integration?

Posted by Eric Long 2013-03-25 Labels: poll

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