Transform data have to "wait" until the next transaction happen

  • cussons

    cussons - 2014-06-26


    I am using SymmetricDS 3.5.18 with one way synchronization from Oracle to MS SQL Server. I have defined a bsh transform with script syntax like this:

    (COLUMN Name is a date field)
    if (COLUMN Name != null && COLUMN Name.compareTo({specific Date}) < 0) return {specific Date};
    else if (COLUMN Name == null) return "";
    else return COLUMN Name;

    (The column policy = implied)

    My cases are:
    1. If I update COLUMN Name as today -- it replicates instantly;
    2. If I update COLUMN Name earlier than specific Date -- it hold and wait until next transaction happen (no matter the later transaction is on the same table or not). Eventually, date can be replicated to MS SQL Server.

    Do anyone have idea on this??

  • Chris Henson

    Chris Henson - 2014-07-07

    Transformations don't have an effect on "when" data gets replicated. Maybe it is just coincidence that you are observing this?

  • cussons

    cussons - 2014-07-09

    Chris, thanks for advise.
    By the advise, if the transaction with transformation occurred and no more coming transaction, the data cannot be "passed" to MS SQL? or some times later, it is timeout and move to data gap?
    Do anyone have idea on this??


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