#976 "print mymodule.cvar" crashes Python on Windows (not Linux)

python (259)

"print mymodule.cvar" crashes Python on Windows XP (Swig 1.3.36, Python 2.5, VC++ 2005) but works fine on Debian 4.0 (Swig 1.3.36, Python 2.4, gcc).

This looks like an old SWIG bug that was never fixed. See for example Bug#1058361 (Nov 2004) and http://www.nabble.com/simple-cvar-bug-td2636426.html#a2636794 (Jan 2006). These issues were resolved with a "Works for me on Linux" and "Does it work with the development version?", respectively.

The reason this is important is that that dir(mymodule.cvar) just returns an empty array, so the only way to find out what are the names of the global variables is with the print statement. (I'd actually prefer that the dir command worked, but I'll take what I get.)

Please let me know what other information you need to squash this bug.


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