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  • Posted a comment on ticket #1166 on SWIG

    This would be the change I think (untested): diff --git a/Source/Modules/ruby.cxx b/Source/Modules/ruby.cxx index 25988d6f..3bc16f6c 100644 --- a/Source/Modules/ruby.cxx +++ b/Source/Modules/ruby.cxx @@ -1285,7 +1285,7 @@ public: } if (last) { if (feature == 0) { - feature = Copy(last); + feature = Swig_string_lower(last); } (Char(last))[0] = (char)toupper((Char(last))[0]); modvar = NewStringf("m%s", last);

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1166 on SWIG

    Still the case with current git master. FWIW, you can run swig -ruby -initname openbabel to achieve what you want. Perhaps the default should be the module name lowercased instead of the module name as-is, but that needs input from someone who knows more about Ruby than I do. Also, SWIG_init and SWIG_name aren't actually used in Ruby - it generates the name of the Init_OpenBabel function directly, rather than calling it SWIG_init like some other languages do.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1123 on SWIG

    This example now works as-is, with integers being converted to doubles successfully and no warnings about "Missing argument 2". I didn't attempt to work out exactly when it was fixed.

  • Modified ticket #1123 on SWIG

    [php] reference example issues

  • Modified ticket #1350 on SWIG

    generate wrong PHP code for the function with overloading, default values, and %newobject

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1350 on SWIG

    Fixed in 0c56d0cb72dd9c9ecd4c393985cc27b03f2510f0 and 0ca47dd7cc2a4b9a54b288dd08c9b1b5ff8fde65.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1339 on SWIG

    Self-containing reproducer for the upcall issue: $ cat sf1339.i %module(directors="1") demo %feature("director"); %include "virt.h" %{ #include "virt.h" %} $ cat virt.h #include <iostream> struct base { virtual void foo() { std::cout << "base::foo" << std::endl; } virtual ~base() {} }; struct concrete : public base { virtual void foo() { std::cout << "concrete::foo" << std::endl; } }; base * create_concrete() { return new concrete; } $ cat sf1339.php <?php include 'demo.php'; $d = demo::create_concrete();...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #429 on SWIG

    Actually, if r5847 revealled this, it seems it just uncovered a deliberate design decision - there's a comment in Source/Swig/symbol.c which describes this (and dates back to before version control started in 2002): * Structures and classes: * * C/C++ symbol tables are normally managed in a few different spaces. The * most visible namespace is reserved for functions, variables, typedef, enum values * and such. In C, a separate tag-space is reserved for 'struct name', 'class name', * and 'union name'...

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