#720 Horizontal scrolling was gone from SH3D v 5.3.


I was glad it finally came out in 5.3, I upgraded quickly.
Error I immediately noticed that when I pressed Shift key, and roller back and forth, you can not go to the background left and right. This feature worked was fine version 5.2.
Unfortunately, now I went back to version 5.2 and use it until it is repaired.


  • Emmanuel Puybaret

    Sweet Home 3D 5.3 installer is bundled with an older version 8u51 of Java under Windows because more recent versions caused some issues for some users (see this thread). Unfortunately, using an older version removed this behavior which was added in Java 8u60 (see JDK-8033000 line here).
    I'll check if upcoming versions of Java still cause some problems in a future version, but this is not easy for me because I couldn't reproduce the bug myself.
    Meanwhile, you can use Sweet Home 3D 5.3 with the latest Java version using its Java Web Start version, or the Jar executable version.

  • Karoly Tarpataki

    Hi Emmanuel Thanks!
    There is many what you understand but there is many we do not understand.
    I need to help me to say what to do step by step?
    My system: Windows 7 x64, FX8320, 16GB RAM, FirePro W5000
    Latest Java on my system: 1.8.0_111 x86_x64
    I try another: 1.8.0_112, but there are 5.2 does not work well.
    I returned last, and I remain 5.2 for the time being. So I can use everything.
    For years, I use the installed version SH3D, there was no problem so far.

    Last edit: Karoly Tarpataki 2016-12-11

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