#308 "Back" does not work after "Open Declaration"


I use the "Open Declaration" quite often to traverse the code hierarchy.

However, often I see that hitting "Back" after "Open Declaration" does not work properly. For example, when my cursor is on a method name that is defined in the same file, hitting "Open Declaration" takes me to the definition of the method. Then, when I click "Back", it takes me to the top of the file, and not to where the cursor was before I hit the original "Open Declaration"


  • Matthew Ballance

    History navigation has generally been working well for me. Can you create a testcase to show the issue?

  • StevenAZ

    StevenAZ - 2015-09-25

    Took a look at it, think I have figured out a testcase. In the code below, if the result of a lookup is within the same file the "start point" is not added to the history, and "Back" will return you to the preivous start point if one exists.

    If the result is in a seperate file, the start point is added to the history file, and "Back" works as expected.

    Testcase attached.

  • Matthew Ballance

    Corrected in 1.8.3. Turns out that Eclipse's automatic marking of navigation locations works well in most cases, but doesn't always for navigation within the same file. Adding explicit calls from the SVEditor code seems to work.

  • Matthew Ballance

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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