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I've launched the SVEditor Blog in order to provide a more dynamic and flexible way to disseminate information on using and developing SVEditor. The blog is linked from the SVEditor web site. You may access it directly via this link:

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Posted by Matthew Ballance 2011-10-31

SVEditor 0.6.0ea Update

Hello All,
I wanted to update you on the next phase of SVEditor development. Between SVEditor releases 0.1.0 and 0.4.0, many useful features have been developed and many bugs discovered. I very much appreciate all the support from the community in the form of bug reports and feature requests.
There are many helpful features that I want to add to SVEditor in the future, including:

* Locate references in project sources to fields, methods, classes, etc
* Refactoring support -- renaming methods, classes, etc
* More-detailed analysis of the source structure
* Support for large testbench and design descriptions
* Further decouple the task of editing from parsing the source structure... read more

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2011-05-14

SVEditor 0.2.2 Release

The 0.2.2 release contains bug fixes, as well as several new features.

SVEditor projects now contain a 'Project Paths' entry in the Eclipse Project Explorer. This provides a handy way to see what files are being indexed by each of the project-paths entries. It also provides an easy way to open a file that is referenced by a project-path entry.

Argument-file project paths that are inside the workspace may now reference paths outside the workspace via relative paths. ... read more

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2010-07-17

SVEditor 0.2.1 Release

This release of SVEditor introduces a new scanner/parser framework that will allow SVEditor to eventually parse a much larger subset of the SystemVerilog language. In the short term, however, this means that there are likely regressions in SVEditor's (apparent) support for SystemVerilog. Please report regressions to the SVEditor tracker or mail list.

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2010-07-06

SVEditor 0.1.9 Release

Just a couple of bugfixes this time. Corrected a problem with nested macro expansion. Corrected an issue with parsing of post-task/function labels

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2010-04-27

SVEditor 0.1.8 Release

The 0.1.8 release just went up on the update site. This release improves auto-indent by making it adaptive (makes a best attempt to follow the indents used in the file), fixes a few small bugs, and improves content assist with class-parameter awareness.

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2010-04-18

SVEditor 0.1.4 Release

Mostly bug fixes this time around -- including some index bugs specific to the Windows platform. Heuristics for file ordering in the Source Collection index have been improved, and should result in more reliable indexing.

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2010-03-13

SVEditor 0.1.3 Release

SVEditor 0.1.3 features bug fixes and a few small improvements. The way in which files are associated with a project index has been made more flexible, and hopefully more intuitive. Content assist has been improved in the area of covergroups and coverpoints, constructor calls, and package import.

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2010-02-21

SVEditor 0.1.2 Release

SVEditor 0.1.2 has just been released. This release adds content-assist support for specialized parameterized classes, content-assist support for built-in methods of arrays and queues, and a class hierarchy view. Various bugs have also been fixed. See the release notes for more detail.

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2010-02-14

SVEditor 0.1.1 Release

The 0.1.1 release of SVEditor adds support for source indenting and better support for auto-indent. Auto-indent is now enabled by default (users with existing workspaces will need to manually enable auto-indent).

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2010-02-08

SVEditor 0.1.0 Release

The 0.1.0 release is, primarily, a bug-fix release. However, there are a few new features as well. Content assist has been extended to support Enumerated types and values. An Eclipse Update Site has been added to make future version upgrades simpler and more automatic.

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2010-01-31

SVEditor 0.0.9 Release

SVEditor 0.0.9 (along with SVEditor 0.0.8) introduces powerful new features, including:
- Persistent caching of information parsed from SystemVerilog files, which dramatically reduces startup times.
- New indexing strategies that improve the accuracy of SystemVerilog parsing
- Updated and more-powerful content assist and cross-linking

A 'Getting Started' guide is also available from the SVEditor download site.... read more

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2010-01-16

SVEditor 0.0.6 Release

The sixth release of SVEditor is an incremental-feature and bugfix release that, nonetheless, introduces some interesting new features.

- Add support for 'open declaration' on included file
- Re-add support for includes and macro definitions in the editor outline
- Add support for open-declaration on a macro call
- Add beginnings of 'Override/Implement Methods' action to the editor context menu
- Prompts the user for tasks/functions in the super class hierarchy
that can be overridden
- Inserts task/function outlines
- [Development] Add an extension point that allows SystemVerilog libraries
to be packaged in a plug-in
- Begin adding support for core SystemVerilog classes (string for now)
- Add OVM 2.0.1 to as a built-in library
- Fix DR 2683568 -- scanner problem when parsing incomplete begin-end block
- Add basic support for DPI tasks/functions in the scanner
- Fixed a problem with content assist on task/function parameter names
- Added an icon for local variables and task parameters... read more

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2009-03-16

0.0.5 Release

Just completed the 0.0.5 release. This release contains big improvements in terms of source scanning/parsing and content assist. Read the release notes for more details

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2009-03-02

0.0.3 Release

A new release is out. Two notable changes, as well as quite a bit of misc stuff.
- Remove dependency on Java 6.0. Plug-ins now work with Java5
- Add C-style comment parser. Editor is less confused by multi-line comments

Posted by Matthew Ballance 2008-11-11

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