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SUPA - Screenshot UPload Applet / News: Recent posts

On a personal note

Sorry for the long delay of updates. I have been busy moving to another country and getting up to speed...

Posted by Christoph 2011-12-04

Dokuwiki-Plugin 0.7

Finally compatible with Rincewind!!!
Had a nasty bug in the JavaScript code that prevented it from being properly minified :(

Posted by Christoph 2011-12-04

SUPA Applet v6.0

LOTS of nice things in the new release:

On the Implementation side:
Fix aspect ratio computation
Fix image size when scrolling the applet canvas out of sight
Methods that are meant to be called from Javascript are now public. Anything else is at least reduced to protected.
Improve demo.php to reflect current Javascript best practices at least a little bit :)

New parameter/functionality: "pasteonload" = *false*/true
If there is an image in clipboard while the applet is being loaded, the image gets pasted on applet-start.... read more

Posted by Christoph 2011-12-04