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Stickies 3.0.7

Thanks to FiNo who suggested a more robust method of saving to prevent accidental corrupt during incomplete shutdown of a machine. This update has his suggestion...

Posted by Steven De Toni 2013-01-24

Stickies 3.0.6 (Win 7 and 8)

Fixed recovery option within Window 7 and 8, this was caused by me not correctly setting up the Windows installer process (actually Windows Setup process is overly confusing) which in turn caused the mix-up of recovery options within Stickies.

The solution was simple, left out stickies.ok file from installation... which makes everything work as it should now. The means if you have a failed save process within Stickies, it will prompt to revert to the previous saved version of your stickies. You current corrupt stickies files are renamed and placed to one side just in case you need deeper data recover.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2013-01-22


Fixed a number of minor bugs:

* Statically linked keyboard_hook.dll so no more missing msvcr100.dll errors.
* Fixed sticky group unlink code ... (it was completely wrong, not sure why?)
* Fixed duplicate string match display error in sticky grep.
* Fixed window boundary checking for sticky clock

Posted by Steven De Toni 2012-04-15

MSVCR100.dll was not found error

You machine is missing VC redistribution libraries, download and install these from microsoft...

Posted by Steven De Toni 2011-11-30

Stickies now Windows7 Friendly

Stickies 3.0.0 has been released to resolve an outstanding issues I had with Windows 7.

The Major issue is to do with the custom painting of the Sticky Windows. Windows 7 did it slightly different than previous Windows versions. Also, moving from 32 to 64 environment mean't some process viewing features within Stickies stopped working fully. Sadly, this feature has been removed along with the following:... read more

Posted by Steven De Toni 2011-10-18

Stickies 2.6.1

Don't you hate it when the process explorer.exe crashes (i.e. the desktop reboots) and you system tray icon doesn't re-appear.

Stickies 2.6.1 now redisplays the sticky icon in the system tray upon a explorer/desktop reboot.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2010-12-12

Stickies 2.6.0

Fixed a bug in the background changer which affected wide screen monitors and image scaling.... it now scales correctly.

* Extended the Show Desk ability to within actual Sticky notes. You can now double click middle button to hide all stickies except the one you clicked. Re show all stickes again but double clicking the middle mouse button. This is also accessible via a stickies context menu "Show Desktop, But Not This"... read more

Posted by Steven De Toni 2010-05-13

Stickies 2.5.9

This feature was requested from im_chc, and one of the features that so easy to implement and so obvious I'm not sure why I didn't think of it.

So the new feature allows you to temporary hide and show stickies such that the desktop is visible. Since I have heaps of stickies open which I use to take notes at work, things can get cluttered. The ability to quickly hide and show stickies thus becomes a useful feature. ... read more

Posted by Steven De Toni 2010-05-06

Wiki for Stickies

I've created a sourceforge wiki, check it out. Currently its very basic, but with the potential for me to add more documentation easily makes it a great feature.

Future releases of Stickies will have the documentation link point to this site:

Posted by Steven De Toni 2007-08-30

Stickies 2.4.0

* Finished off the archive browser. It now allows you File Explorer like usage. Moving between folders, creating folders, rename, delete etc.

* Altered the checklist re-ording method to a more standard Windows drag/drop method.

* Updated the pacifier display for long saves when quiting stickies. It now displays a moving icon animation showing actual work being done.

* Minor bug fixes.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2007-08-08

Plasma Saver

This is a simple screen saver I wrote to implement an old effect from the Amiga's heyday of demo scene. It called Plasma, and consist animating a series of combined sine and co-sine waves to achieve swirling water like effect but with nice vibrant colours.

Needs very fast computer with decent Alpha Blending video hardware to really appreciate the effect.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-12-06

Stickies 2.2.2

* Building the stickies project as a Multi-Threaded DLL now. This will hopefully improve stability for malloc, new, free(),delete[] operations. I've had a few issues with the spell checker causing stickies to crash for not apparent reason.... and unable to duplicate it in the Debug environment does not help.... so hopefully this build option helps? Going MT DLL also has the bonus of decreased executable size.... read more

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-11-27

Stickies 2.2.1

Minor Bug Fixes:

* Fixed Alt-F4 issue identified by Ross.

* Fixed Win2k issue identified by Alephlex with alarm config dialog box not displaying.

* Added case matching search option in grep util.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-11-23

stickies 2.1.9

* Fixed many minor bugs.

* Fixed uppercase/lowercase bug in the edit menu.

* Added a sticky GREP utility because Microsoft Search feature within explorer doesn't do a very good job on non-text file (ie. it doesn't search them!). This small util is quick and easy to use, and supports wildcard text searches.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-11-15


* Minor bug fix version and polishing some of the interface.

Media Player Audio Scope Changes:
* Added perspective audio scope mode.
* Added see through background window mode.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-10-19


Another bug fix release:

* Fixed an edit bug in check lists.
* Changed close button style on stickies.
* Fixed a snooze bug in alarm pop-ups.
* Added a extra oscilloscope setting in audio scope.
* Changed plasma effect in audio scope to be more Psychedelic.
* Plus a couple of internal bugs.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-09-27

Stickies 2.1.4

* Added a check list control for individual stickies. With control, you add lists from stickies, and order them using drag and drop. You can also use it as a bookmark for large stickies, just double click an item in the check list to search for that item in your sticky.

* Added a small resource monitor util, show current mem, page file, disk i/o, and cpu load. This is very much like the monitor util within process tree, but in a small standalone applet.... read more

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-09-14

Stickies 2.1.3

* Fixed a number of small bugs in the alarm alert dialog. It now displays in topmost mode, where before tomost mode was not working.

* Fixed a few audio scope issues.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-08-29

Stickies 2.1.2

* Added an audio scope which displays various power and frequency output from the media player.

* Fix minor bugs

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-08-13

Stickies 2.1.1

* Fixed syntax colouring due to a optimisation bug within
Visual C++.

* Fixed OLE support, its now quite functional and stable.

* Add auto highlight block feature for syntax colouring to
make syntax stand out. By default all syntax colours
require a white background to make them visible, this
feature provides that.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-06-30

Stickies 2.1.0

* Minor fixes to issues.

* Change background util now changes image via thread so as
not to disrupt sticky editing.

* Added a global option to change sticky border style to a
rounded windows.

* Added a saving in process dialog and tray icon shows
current save state in auto saving thread.
This feature is only really noticeable when saving large
stickies (greater than 50 megs in size).

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-06-26

stickies 2.0.9

* Fixed major bug in restarting your computer. Stickies would not save your current notes... (actually Windows does not clean up programs properly by destroy windows which is where the save code is). Stickies now saves your notes in the WM_ENDSESSION message as well.

* Added Amiga mod .mod .xm .s3m support via the midas library, so you can now play those old mod music files from yesteryear.

* Group stickies are now displayed in a rounded window. ... read more

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-06-12

Stickies 2.0.8 (the big fix)

* Fixed install program with missing DLL
* Fixed Find/Replace, it was completely broken for some strange reason
* Gone back to MSVC++ V6 due to release compilation issues

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-05-24

Stickies 2.0.6 and 2.0.7 executables removed

There are a few issues with these releases, so the executables have been removed. Use 2.0.5 for the time being while I sort out build issues.

Sorry for the problems it may have caused.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-05-23

Stickies 2.0.7

* Added keyboard hook which kind or works most of the time:
Alt + shift + up arrow : next in list
Alt + shift + down arrow : previous in list
Alt + shift + insert : new sticky
Alt + shift + delete : delete sticky from list

* Fixed block formating with embedded tabs.
* Added Top most window option to sticky preferences.
* Fixed media player registry loading of preferences.
* Shifted development from Visual C++ 6 to Visual Studio 2005

Posted by Steven De Toni 2006-05-19

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