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New releases of sstp-client and network-manager-sstp available

After years, the sstp-client and network-manager-sstp projects have been updated to support the latest Ubuntu and Fedora Core Linux distributions. This comes with bug-fixes and compatibility with the latest NetworkManager project. Enjoy!

Posted by Eivind 2015-05-28

network-manager-sstp update

After the release of Fedora Core 18, and Ubuntu 13.04; the network-manager-sstp needed a few patches for it to compile and run again. New files have been staged in the download area for 0.9.6 (Ubuntu) and 0.9.8 (Fedora Core).

Posted by Eivind 2013-06-19

Mac OS-X support

The next version of sstp-client will feature support for Mac OS-X! This version will require that username and password is provided on the command line. Also, you will need to provide a file of ppp options that will configure your system. Helpful options are 'defaultroute' and 'usepeerdns'

Posted by Eivind 2012-04-25

sstp-client 1.0.6 released

* Fixed a race condition with pppd when specifying username and password from command line.

Posted by Eivind 2012-03-18

sstp-client 1.0.5 released

* Fixed a critical bug in the sstp pppd plugin causing the connection to fail
* Updated the man pages and help documentation

Posted by Eivind 2012-03-03

sstp-client 1.0.4 released

- Fixed a problem that was causing stability issue with the SSL connection
- Added ability to automatically add route to server

Posted by Eivind 2012-02-09

network-manager-sstp 0.9.1-3 released

- Fixed a minor issue in the pppd plugin

Posted by Eivind 2012-02-09

network-manager-sstp 0.9.1 released

The 0.9.1 release adds the following features
- Expose settings for HTTP proxy
- Expose settings for disable certificate warnings
- Update the default settings for PPP, disable EAP

Posted by Eivind 2011-11-14

sstp-client 1.0.3 released

- Added command line option to specify the uuid of the connection
- Fixed various bugs, to mention:
* Cleanup of unix socket on termination
* Correct parsing of the URL
* Fix connected time error when using --nolaunchpppd option
* Unit tests was added
* Added hardening of Ubuntu build scripts

Posted by Eivind 2011-11-14

sstp-client 1.0.2 released

- Added Basic HTTP proxy support
- Allow for user to ignore certificate warnings by specifying '--cert-warn'
- Network Manager SSTP plugin finally works on Fedora Core 15
- Covering up passwords per command line.
- Added privilege separation user, group, and directory

Posted by Eivind 2011-10-19

sstp-client 1.0.1 released

New for this release is
* libevent 2.0 support (--with-libevent=2)
* Various fixes found while porting to Fedora Core 15
* Improved signal handling of pppd
* Added a USAGE file that explains how to use it (in case the man page isn't enough).

Thank you guys for trying this out.

Posted by Eivind 2011-10-02

sstp-client 1.0 released

After some months of testing, sstp-client is now released as version 1.0. You can download the sstp-client-1.0.tar.gz archive from the download section. In addition, the usage of sstp-client with network-manager have been added in an experimental branch of code. Please check out the homepage as it has more information.

Posted by Eivind 2011-09-19