Thomas GODART - 2007-01-09

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Be careful that when you display < and > caracteres in a web page, it is viewed as html stuff by the browser and not displayed. You can check that your caracteres are in the database by displaying the code of your html page.
An easy fix for this bug is to "htmlspecialschars" the lines that are displayed.

So if I'm correct, in "SQLiteToGrid.class.php" change line 988 to :

$tabRecord[] = htmlspecialschars_on_arrays($ligne);

and add on line 1018 :

function htmlspecialschars_on_arrays ($array)
foreach ($array as $k => $v)
if (!is_array ($v)) {
$array[$k] = htmlspecialchars ($v);
} else {
$array[$k] = htmlspecialschars_on_arrays ($v);
return $array;