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#119 Dinamic blocks - 5 new features


Hi, before post my request i want to say thank you for your great and FREE work! I think that it is very useful! I could list many requests about new features but the name of this project is SIMPLE php blog, and i love it for its "simplicity". I have only one big request. There is a way to add, for the admin, the possibility to choose which blocks he want or he doesnt want to display in a specific static page? This because i would prefer to show, for example, all blocks in my home page but only specific blocks for my different static page. So when the admin creates a block, can be useful the possibility to have some options:

1_Show in all blog (check box)
2_Show only in specif pages (Multiple-choice menu list of all static pages. Multiple choice is very important to put a block [if not just showed in all blog] in more than one static page. For example i want a block with my logo in all blog and also put my facebook profile widget in a block only in two static pages named "Profile" and "Contact" and not for example in the static page named "Works".

Would be great add also an option to choose the blocks position:
3_Left blocks column
4_Right blocks column
5_Both right and left blocks column

(i use "Modern" themes!!)

Thanks for your time!