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Soundboard 2.0.8b re-released

Oops, we made a mistake with our release of Soundboard 2.0.8b and forgot to include the src directory. Today's re-release of 2.0.8b corrects this mistake.

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2014-08-18

Soundboard 2.0.8b Available Now

Hot on the heels of last month's release comes Soundboard 2.0.8b, which includes many key bug fixes. Soundboard will no longer hang on the pre-wait time for a stop cue, and the countdown status faders for cues in an auto-follow sequence (after the first) will play correctly.

We've also added some basic row re-ordering to the cue table, as well as getting our error message windows to a more sane size. While these features are not fully complete (they work, but with limitations), the severity of the bugs that we've corrected in this release has prompted us to publish 2.0.8b before those other features are working the way we intend. If you want to know more, please read the change log. ... read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2014-08-15

Soundboard 2.0.7b Available Now

The latest release of Soundboard doesn't have any shinny new bells or whistles, but it does have a couple of important bug fixes. Firstly, Soundboard will no longer try saving strings as floats, and then writing those to your show files (because that's just a silly thing for it to do). Hopefully this will reduce the number of broken show files in the future.

Secondly, I have adjusted the GUI slightly so that the Soundboard window, including most significantly the cue table, is now scalable. Those of you working with larger screens than I am will be happy to know you can now take advantage of them. ... read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2014-07-21

New version control

I'm pleased to announce that I've set up Mercurial for version control. Unfortunately the svn repository changes have all been lost, but since most of that code has either been superseded by more recent versions or remained unchanged, it's not a significant loss. Not only will this provide a backup for the code, but it will also help make sure that those of you who want to build from source can get the most recent features sooner.

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2014-01-18

Soundboard 2.0.6b Available Now

Dear Soundboard Users,

I am pleased to say that the latest release of Soundboard is now available, and this one is full of bug fixes. I've also included some highly experimental FLAC support in this release, but please use it with caution, as I have had sporadic success playing them, but as yet have not been able to determine a pattern of failure or a solution. Thank you all for continuing to use Soundboard, and for your continuing feedback. ... read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2014-01-11

Soundboard 2.0.4b available

Good news, Soundboard fans! Version 2.0.4b is now available for your downloading pleasure. It includes a brand new edit menu (cut, copy, paste functionality), updates to the manual, and a very minor bug fix.

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2013-05-04

Latest Snapshot Available

Because I've had a couple requests come in for a more recent snapshot of the codebase lately, I have posted the latest in the files section. Soundboard v2.0.3b release c is now available, and contains many of the bug fixes and most of the new features that will be included in the v2.0.4b release, which should still be ready before the summer season begins.

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2013-03-25

Bad News, Soundboard fans

As you may or may not know, SourceForge recently upgraded their system, and switching over the svn repository has resulted in what one of my favorite bosses always used to refer to as "another seamless IT transition." i.e. it doesn't work right. I'm trying to figure out what's going on and how to resolve the svn issues with support, but the 2.0.4 release of Soundboard will, regrettably, be delayed as a result. Sorry. ... read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2013-03-18

New features in Soundboard

I'm pleased to report that the next version of Soundboard will integrate some features there have been long outstanding requests for; including displaying the name of a media file as the target to a sound cue, and stereo pan control. However, this means that the new version of Soundboard will be incompatible with earlier versions. For those of you building from source, those changes are live as of the current svn snapshot (107). ... read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2013-03-05

Problems with Playback in Linux Resolved (I think)

The latest snapshot (98) no longer relies on the JMF for playback. We're now using jLayer instead for all systems. Based on the error messages I was receiving about getting Soundboard to work on some Ubuntu systems, this should resolve most issues getting Soundboard to start. Since it's been so long since the last release, I'm going to prepare another one as soon as I've had a chance to test it a little bit more and revise some of the documentation, which has not kept pace with code updates. Stay tuned.

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2013-03-03

Re: Problems with Playback

I have been aware of certain difficulties getting the JMF installed on Linux systems for some time, and while the reasons behind that continue to be a mystery, it looks like migrating away from the JMF is going to be the best way to go; as Oracle appears to have abandoned development of that in favor of JavaFX.

In the mean time, if you absolutely must run Soundboard on Linux, there is a work around: if you are running NetBeans, and compile from source and run *within* NetBeans, Soundboard will run normally. Of course, you'll have to be running a system that is capable of handling both, and you'll need t know a little bit about setting up a development environment, but unless Oracle decides to fix whatever is broken with the JMF in Linux, it's the best I can suggest until I've updated to better (working technology). ... read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2012-09-11

An Overdue Update

Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who have continued to use soundboard through the beta, and who continue to offer your feedback and support on this program. I wanted to assure you that I haven't forgotten about it. When I posted my last news update, I had hoped to have cue timers, along with some other bug fixes, completed sometime by early January of 2011. Unfortunately, mere days after posting that news item, my father was killed in a car crash, and I was unable to devote time to this project. ... read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2011-04-28

Status timers in progress

Hi everyone!

In the interest of transparency, I wanted to let you all know that countdown timers and in-line status messages that I've heard so many requests for are currently in development. My schedule isn't allowing as much time for me to work on these as I would like, but with a little bit of luck I'll have a new release integrating this functionality available in early 2011. If you can't wait that long, you can continue to check out the latest SVN snapshots as I work on building this into the program.... read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2010-10-09

Thank yous to all

In case you missed it, Lee Schlesinger recently wrote a bit about Soundboard at the Sourceforge Blog. You can check his post out here:

Since then, a number of people have written in with offers to help the project, and advice for how I can fix some outstanding issue, and I wanted to thank everyone who's contacted me for helping to bring Soundboard closer to completion.

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2010-07-22

Beta 3 Released

For those of you who only monitor the news feed, we've released the third beta of Soundboard a few hours ago. This release incorporates the following changes:

* Corrected bug that was preventing duration of mp3 sound cues from
displaying properly on non-Windows systems.
* Corrected bug that prevented addition of new cues to the table after
the last cue had been deleted.
* Corrected bug that caused the auto-selection of the wrong cue
after a new cue is added to the table.
* Corrected bug that prevented the auto-selection of the cue
immediately preceding the cue being deleted.
* Enabled selection of midi files for playback (presently they are
supported by the JMF).
* Corrected bugs that allowed playback controllers to propogate errors
to the interpreter when used without data being written to the table.
* Added cue numbers to error dialogues that referenced specific cues.
* Added error dialogues to catch fades that did not have a cue number
associated with them, rather than letting a NullPointerException be
passed to the interpreter.
* Added ability to package sound files and (updated) sound cue
sheet into a directory for easy export.
* Added check to make sure that cue files get saved with the .xml
extension, and to add the extension if the user did not supply it.
* Tweaked open function so that it will only clear the cue table if you
actually choose a cue file to open.
* Added support for ogg-vorbis playback via JLayer.
* Corrected bug that was causing cues to be sorted in ASCII, rather
than numeric order, and thus causing cue sheet files to load
* Added some improved error reporting to help troubleshoot reported,
but as yet not-reproduced by the author, problem of Soundboard
silently failing to save changes to a currently opened file.
* Added more improved error reporting to help troubleshoot reported
problem of Soundboard potentially corrupting media files.
* Corrected bug that would over-write media files with cue-sheet XML
data. This also corrects a reported problem with cue-sheet files
saving properly.
* Added ability to export cue sheet as an excel spreadsheet.
* Added functionality to keep track of the media file directory, and to
preserve this information in the cue sheet file.
* Added ability to clear status messages with a right-click (ctrl-click
on Mac).

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2010-07-15

Join our mailing list!

Soundboard is getting an extensive beta test (using the latest builds) at the Weathervane Playhouse right now. Their current production of Alice in Wonderland has a rich and extensive sound scape, and they're using Soundboard to run the show. We've turned up quite a few bugs as a result of this test (to my knowledge, Soundboard has never been tested on a show this big before), and I'm working on correcting these now in anticipation of the next beta release. ... read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2010-07-13

Ogg Vorbis Support Added

The latest SVN snapshot now provides for playback support for Ogg Vorbis files; that's the good news, which means we're a little bit closer to the next release.

Since my latest news update, I was alerted to a pretty major bug that I'm working to resolve: wherein a volume-fader thread locks the GUI and prevents the user from executing other cues of any sort, or even pushing the all important "stop" button. Clearly that's something we want to fix before the next release.

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2010-06-23

New Features in Progress

In anticipation of the third beta release of Soundboard, I've started adding some new features. It is now possible to package all of the sound files you've added to your cue sheet into a single directory for convenient editing, archival, and export. Also I've changed the Save As function so that it will append the ".xml" extension if you forget. You can check out the latest SVN snapshot to get access to those features and the bug fixes. ... read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2010-06-20

Bug fixes in progress

I've spent the weekend hacking away at the latest smattering of bugs from the latest release, and I think I got them all. The latest SVN snapshot will continue to reflect those changes. I am, for the moment, focusing more on fixing bugs than I am on adding features, so for those of you who have filed feature requests with me, hang tight. I want to make sure that Soundboard does well what it does now before having it do anything else.

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2009-08-31

Soundboard v2.0 (beta 2) re-released

I apparently have this problem with clicking on the wrong thing, because I accidentally deleted the beta 1 release of Soundboard when I uploaded the beta 2 release, and also the beta 2 release this morning, so I re-released it. None of the changes in the svn repository are reflected in the re-release that I published this afternoon. I just wanted to clarify that.

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2009-08-30

Soundboard v2.0 (beta 2) released

I am pleased to announce the release of the second beta of Soundboard 2.0. Along with a couple of bug fixes, mp3 playback is now supported by Soundboard, through the JMF Enhancement pack (requires additional install) for Windows, and through JLayer and Tritonus for all other operating systems.

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2009-08-28

MP3 Playback Works

It pleases me greatly to say that mp3 playback is now supported for all cue types, and in a platform independent way. The latest branch of the svn repository reflects this change, and coupled with a couple other bug fixes, I expect a second beta release of Soundboard to be available within the next day or so to reflect these changes. Thank you all for your patience!

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2009-08-26

MP3 Support with JLayer

I've been experimenting with JLayer (, and have had some very promising results. SVN Revision 37 (the most current as of this writing) reflects some initial integration of JLayer into Soundboard. I'm hoping that these experiments pan out and I can have full mp3 playback support working in the very near future. More on this as it develops.

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2009-08-25

MP3 Support for Windows

Testing indicates that, if built from source on a Windows system with the JMF for windows plus pack AND the mp3 plugin installed on the system, Soundboard will support mp3 playback. The JMF can be downloaded from: the mp3 plugin frm: and NetBeans (the IDE I built it in) from: read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2009-08-24

Thank you for downloading

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have downloaded and (presumably) taken the v2.0b release for a spin. I also wanted to lat you all know that I have added a thread for feedback related to the v2.0b release to the general discussion forum, and ask that you please leave all feedback, suggestions, and snarky comments there.

I have a short list of items for the 2.0b1 release (whenever that may be), including loop cues, and mp3 support (God willing I can get the JMF mp3 plugin working properly), but I am, of course, looking for any bugs that I haven't caught, as well as any new features you might like to see.... read more

Posted by Tony Tambasco 2009-08-22

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