#65 Redirect limit is cumulative across multiple requests


When using Snoopy to post multiple pages in a long sequence, the class variable "_redirectdepth" is not reset after each request - thus, after enough redirects have been made across ANY number of requests (e.g. fetch 5 URLs, each of which redirects once, using the default max depth of 5 requests), all subsequent redirects will not be followed, instead causing Snoopy to report status 3xx Moved instead of 200 OK.

My fix was simply to add the following line to the beginning of fetch() and submit():

$this->_redirectdepth = 0;


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    Anonymous - 2010-02-09

    Of course, that causes infinite redirects.

    Instead, you could do
    in many places to counteract the increments.

  • Quietust

    Quietust - 2010-02-09

    Maybe it's just me, but decrementing _redirectdepth to counteract the increments seems like it would rather defeat the purpose of tracking the redirect depth in the first place.

    My fix failed to take into account that fetch() and submit() are called both by end-user code AND the redirect logic (which seems a bit odd) - a proper fix would be to either use distinct functions for the two cases (e.g. have the redirect logic call _fetch() and _submit() instead) and only set _redirectdepth to 0 in the user-called versions, or to instead set _redirectdepth to 0 at the *end* of processing (i.e. once the page finishes downloading or the redirect limit is reached).


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