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  • Committed [r1319]

    Fix hang in N163 sound code when 0 is written f...

  • Committed [r1318]

    Fix small bug in BRK instruction - read the cor...

  • Committed [r1317]

    Split PPU::IsPAL into 2 settings - one for cloc...

  • Committed [r1316]

    Fix Namco 163 sound to support longer sample le...

  • Committed [r1315]

    Reverse the behavior of the POVAxis checkbox - ...

  • Committed [r1314]

    Fix an ancient idiotic bug with POVAxis - make ...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #6018 on ScummVM

    The DLL you linked is 32-bit, so I can't use it (because I build ScummVM from source...

  • Committed [r1313]

    Fix keyboard shortcuts for Frame Step menu/submenu

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