#17 USB Cable

Jai Ljubic

Hi guys, great work! Unfortunately this software is useless to me as I do not have a bluetooth compatible pc or an adapter. Purching one is out of the question financially and personally I prefer cables with media to cut down response time and signal issues. I would greatly appreciate if a little time was put into adding this feature. I for one would greatly appreciate it! Let me know if this this a reasonable request.


  • leniviytorrent

    leniviytorrent - 2010-01-29


  • Ninja

    Ninja - 2010-03-16

    big vote!

  • Nobody/Anonymous


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    me too

  • John Franco Caparanga

    same here...please do add a feature that will support the use of the usb cable...

  • wahid

    wahid - 2010-11-03

    Hi Dev-Team,
    the app is working out-of-the-bix via Bluetooth/WLAN with my Omnia i900, but there're still some disadvantages using these both interfaces:
    WLAN => Battery dies quickly down
    Bluetooth => Signal breaks off after a while in a skype video-conversation
    Therefore a connection through datacable stays an optimal option, without taking the main exclusive feature aside: Turning phones to Wireless Webcams .

    And here you are my vote too +1 !

    N.B.: I'm using Windows Mobile, and thinking about ActiveSync could give a chance to implement this optional connection feature.

  • deion

    deion - 2010-11-04

    @watif: For the windows mobile client it is possible to use the USB cable through Active Sync: just go in the settings, select TCP/IP (WiFi) as the connection method and in the server name just put ppp_peer


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