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SmartCam / News: Recent posts

SmartCam WiFi version (1.3) available for Windows

New version 1.3 for Windows is out supporting WiFi connectivity. Tested on Nokia 6600 (S60 2nd Ed) and Nokia N81 (S60 3rd Ed).

Enjoy :)

Posted by deion 2009-01-09

SmartCam - Linux version available

SmartCam is now also available for Linux. Tested on Ubuntu 8.04, works with Kopete, aMsn, Ekiga, gstreamer. Enjoy :)

Posted by deion 2008-06-17

Series60 3rd Edition version released

The new version 1.2 was just released containg compatible S60 3rd Edition phone application. Some defects for the windows application were also fixed.
Enjoy :)

Posted by deion 2007-09-03

SmartCam version 1.1 released

New version 1.1 has just been released, including a J2ME version for the phone application and some bug fixes on the Direct Show filter. Enjoy.

Posted by deion 2007-08-23

J2ME version coming soon

The J2ME version of the phone application will be released soon. This will allow SmartCam to be available on virtually every device with encorporated Bluetooth and camera. Stay tuned !

Posted by deion 2007-08-06