heinrichseidel - 2012-03-11

Hi everybody,

got far over the day to get SmartCam running with Debian Squeeze and Series603rd:

Compiled it from source because the debianpackage provided was for 32Bit only. Kernelmodule compiles after using the patch for kernel 2.6.35 provided out here: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3114947&group_id=197856&atid=963144

Got installed the the .sis, after setting the date of the phone to somewhen 2009.

Started Smartcam on pc and cellphone, did a discovery, but pc wasn't found. After running

# hciconfig hcio piscan

my PC was found, but connection could not be established. Had to run

# bluetooth-agent 0000

connecting again, and provide the pin (0000) on connection with the cellphone. Then SmartCam on cellphoneside sais its connected, and shows up the video from the camera. But on PCs side SmartCam does not show the video, and shows status as disconnected. No information in console is provided.

I dont know how to get the whole thing work, used nearly the whole day for getting this done, but dont know where to do the next step. Can anyone help me out?

best regards